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    Croydon, Nr Royston Herts
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    Purchased a 1360 Herald in August of last year,, my first classic car

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  1. Is 063 the correct ref for a battery on my1360 Herald.
  2. Thanks very much for the advice,,,, appreciated
  3. Best tyres suitable for my 1360 Herald,,, it will not be used on a regular basis
  4. Thanks Paul,,, will purchase them 

  5. It will be pads and shoes,,, a friend of mine is doing the work,,,, the car is as basic as you could get,,, nothing electronic,, still running off a Dynamo
  6. It will be just pads and shoes

  7. Anyone suggest the best place for purchasing brake accessories for my 1360 Herald
  8. Thanks for the advice regarding the cowl,,,, I am not confident enough to tackle the job myself,,,,, I have a mate who is a mechanic and he served his apprenticeship on the cars of that era, so I think he will be doing the job,,,, and I will have to check out an upholstery company near me that specialises in classics ,,, Thanks Doug
  9. Thanks very much Doug,, I only got the car late August and so hopefully probably March,,, April,, I would like to get the tunnel changed and get the gear linkage mechanism sorted at the same time,,,, the engine runs fine,,, just seems to be a bit of play in the gears,,, then a complete carpet job.. Doug
  10. I have just joined and have not checked the club site out yet,,, thanks for the advice,,,
  11. The best place for purchasing a gear tunnel for my 1360 herald
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