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  1. !UPDATE! 3/1/20 I've managed to get the carpet in the boot!! But I still to get the stereo and speakers installed!! (Just another thing to do!!) Change the window seal straps!! And get the surface rust off his headlamp cover!! I am thinking of getting some new wheels for him too!! They're the original factory style 13" ones!! Steve of SS-preparations has offered me the ones that have just come off his very own tr7!! They cost quite a bit!! But it should be worth it!! As for the key!! I ordered the wrong one famous last words!! 😡 Then the main one the ignition key snapp
  2. Hi folks, Many thanks!!For the nice compliments on my new(ish) acquisition!! Unfortunately the headgasket went only a couple weeks after I bought him!! But I suppose that’s just the risk you take with these old cars!! There’s probably not much chance of it happening again!! But I’m quite tempted to flog my lovely MGF trophy for an even nicer GT6 MKII(in white)!! Does anybody know where I could get hold of one?!! HUGH
  3. Folks, I do love my mgf trophy!! But I could very tempted to part with it for a lovely GT6 MKII (in white preferably!!) Does anybody know where to get or have one I could have?!!lol HUGH
  4. Yeah it's nice colin!! But I'd prefer one in white or silver!! HUGH
  5. !UPDATE! 6/8/19 I have sourced a brand new flashy retro stereo for Tom with modern functions!! I have had a new key cut do we won't be be able to get locked out anymore!! Just to need to tidy up the boot with a flashy new carpet and soundproofing!! Maybe replace the window seals and get rid of the surface rust on the headlamp covers!! HUGH
  6. At first we thought Tom had developed gearbox problem but I think they just didn't tighten up the fan belt properly! Therefore Tom is currently in the garage atm being fixed again!!! I'm trying to find a retro stereo for him with modern functions!!And some tr7 speakers!!I am also trying get a second key cut!!! HUGH
  7. Tom being delivered!! He breathes again!!!😀
  8. R u kinda like cyberpatrol Kevin?!! HUGH
  9. Folks!! This really nice tr7 went under the hammer last weekend!! https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/1980-triumph-tr7-convertible HUGH
  10. Even longer a couple of years I think!! But it is still a good buy?!! HUGH
  11. Is this one ok?!! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153374462388 Out of curiosity!! HUGH
  12. Yep they “said” they’ll sort it later this week!! HUGH
  13. Hmm no I could try to do that!!! HUGH
  14. Oh thanks Clive welll really I’m part of the tr drivers club but I’ve been locked out of their forum and I’ve sent numerous emails to them but they haven’t replied at all!!🤬 (But I still very much like you folks at the TSSC!!) HUGH
  15. All very well Clive but ss preparations is all the way over in Lancashire and I live all over the way over in Newcastle it would be quite hard to get my tr7 all the way over there and how would we know the work was being done?!! But would a normal garage really not have those?!! HUGH
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