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  1. Sounds great! Yes have read somewhere that the weathers a bit unpredicatible that time of year 👀 may have to rock the hardtop! What day do the group head off then? Don’t fancy being the only burk on the way to Folkestone! Sam
  2. Hi all, Curious to see whose going to Spa Classics? Is it a big number drawing event for the club? And is it a worth while little trip? All the best, Sam 😋
  3. Indeed John, used to race Caterham 7 K-series in Hillclimb and sprint. The MX-5 was a track day basher. I’m not sure my plans with this spit though! Was planning on taking it easy this year and tour it through Europe. I’m taking it to Shelsley Walsh in April to see if it’s competitive or not and then will go from there me thinks, watch this space! (may have to get the holesaw out for the isolator 😉). Thanks for the info, bit of late night reading me thinks 👀 What can I say? I have a penchant for the classics! Sam
  4. Thank you all! And that’s what drew me to it! Bit special, fully adjustable gaz front and rear 😉 Chap I bought it off was planning on hill climbing it hence the roll cage and other bits and bobs. Sam
  5. Yes, unfortunately the car came with one of the sucker type, and unfortunately it’s caused 4 unsightly faded spots. I subsequently chucked it as I feel it looks silly as it doesn’t sit too flush with the boot lid. However the one in the picture I’ve seen a few times and looks abit more the part and much more low profile. That’s the specific type I’m after. Pulling my hair out trying to find one 🤔
  6. Luckily it’s not mine Ey Doug! Our friends over the pond and their logical thinking once again 😂 Sam
  7. Hey everyone, thought I’d introduce myself as I’ve recently got my hands on a Spitfire. Having had a Daimler XJ40 and MX-5 mk2 (race prepped) beforehand. Already covered just over 600 miles in her having bought it back in January as my new year resolution..whoops. Have had the diff rebuilt and the carbs. Is running the original drive train and the original engine, having had a cosmetic restoration in 2012. Anyway, more to come no doubt! But for now have these naughty little pics.. Cheers, Sam
  8. Hi there guys, As said I’m looking for a original slatted boot rack for my Spitfire 1500 as I’m planning on a blat too France and want to carry some extra fuel and luggage. I’ve searched high and low and haven’t been able to find one, I know they exist but not sure if they were intended for the American market hence my struggle. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks, Sam
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