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  1. Morning all, I have my GT6 up on axle stands at the moment as I continue with the recommissioning work. Ives stripped the rear brakes as the wheel cylinders were seized and I want to clean up and paint the backplates and replace flexi's. On the rear offside drum I noticed that the bracket which should support the flexi / rigid brake line joint had become detached. Someone in the past has bodged it and apparently welded the emails of the bracket to the shoe retaining pin, hence this was all that was holding the bracket on. Id guess it's not uncommon for these brackets to sn
  2. Thanks Pete, think I will pick up a set from Canleys in lieu of upgrading to a blade type fuse box.
  3. That's good to know Dave thanks. I plan to have my GT6 MOT'd once recommissioning jobs are completed. Can't beat an independent and documented inspection for safety and I've always thought the MOT is a great way to achieve this.
  4. I'd recommend Car & Classic website. Free advert and seems to have a good following.
  5. Doug, glad this didn't happen whilst you were on a run. Have to say I was planning on changing out all the rubber fuel hose on my GT6 as a precaution. However there are no leaks and no fuel smells at all so makes me wonder whether to leave well alone and carefully monitor when the car is back in the road. Seems there is a real issue with some of the "new" parts these days with particular reference to rubber!👍
  6. Hi there, Just a quick note / feedback having just received my TSSC membership pack and latest "Courier" magazine. Really impressed with the quality of the membership pack and all correspondence within. Very high quality and professional indeed. Over the years I've been a member of a number of motoring clubs relating to various marques and the TSSC product / service is up there with the very best. Thanks to Angie and all at the club HQ. Should anyone be pondering over joining the club, I'd thoroughly recommend it ! 👍 Regards. Dave.
  7. Andy, Thanks for that and it's something I wasn't aware of! I basically replaced a lower rates fuse with a damaged cap for a Halfords supplied 35amp fuse. The others fitted are all marked 35amp hence from what you've saying this is incorrect and ought to be swapped for some 20amp rated items. Thanks for the input!
  8. Hi Doug, No rush at all, thanks for trying. Hope you get to the bottom of your fuel leak without too much hassle. Dave.
  9. Good point Karl, there's not enough work required to justify kitting myself out with all the gear etc. I think I'd quite like to actually do "some" of it myself under supervision of someone who knows what they're doing. Just need a tame welder willing to take the work on !
  10. Great result, John. Good to see there are still a few radiator repair places left. It was suggested to me by the vendor of my GT6 to have the top tank removed from my rad and the cooling channels rodded through, rather than a recore to ensure all clear as the car has been stood in dry storage a few years. The rad was flushed with water but I'll look into this service and see what the consensus is. It's not leaking at the moment though !
  11. Very neat installation! A good friend has a Mech-Mate pit and I've been very impressed with it. For those where a pit isn't possible, perhaps a scissor lift / ramps may provide an alternative that raises the car higher than normal axle stands or drive on ramps. There seem to be quite a few on the market, not sure if anyone has any experience or observations on these devices.
  12. Would have loved to attend however I'm away on this date. Will keep eyes peeled for future events, these days seem a great idea and really beneficial.
  13. Could be worthwhile re flushing the cooling system including the heater matrix. Despite rad being re-cored etc, if there was sediment elsewhere that's then washed through and partially blocked flow through the radiator could this explain the anomaly of the top hose being empty etc. Just a thought as a possible course of action to negate that side of things?
  14. Morning all, Looking towards the next phase of my late Mk 3 GT6 recommissioning. This will involve cleaning up and painting sections of the chassis where there is some surface rust at the far rear and front of the car (chassis and body will be remaining united!). From inspection, the chassis is rock solid with the exception of the two front gusset sections which I would like to either repair or preferably replace as I see they're available from Paddocks at £22 approx each. This makes replacement rather than patching a bit of a "no brainier". Prep wise is not an issue as I'm work
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