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  1. I have read several bad reports from amateurs who have used products to coat the tank and it’s been a horrible failure. The paint not adhering and flaking away. One report of a company stopping offering the tank refurbishment service due to flaking paint. So I will not be going down this route. DEOX-C to remove what is left of the rust then reinstall the tank and top up with petrol. I just hope the rust removal process does not expose any further issues, pinholes in the tank?
  2. Cleaned out my Spitfire 1500 fuel tank and this was the result, the five pence piece for comparison purposes only. I am hoping this was the cause of my fuel blockage that brought me to a stop on the A40 after driving some ten miles. When I disconnected the fuel line after the fuel pump and turned her over no fuel came spurting out. Took the top of the fuel pump and turned her over and the diaphragm was pumping ok. Disconnected the fuel line before the fuel pump and got a little dribble of fuel then nothing, I can understand that due to the fuel pick up system from the tank. I’m thinking or is that hoping that the pick up pipe in the tank got blocked. Poked all the lines through with strimmer chord and they are clear. I have ordered some DEOX-C, £16.75, to kill any rust in the tank, a new tank £286.01. Why the penny ? Also going to change the old rubber fuel lines for the new barricade fuel lines. So after filling with some high octane fuel, a carb clean and timing check I hope there are no more breakdowns for a while. Any comments ?
  3. I had a poor card and decided to trace the outline onto a sheet of thin ply and cut it out. The sheet needs a bit of flex to it so used hardboard. A rattle can of mat black on both sides and edges, I was pleased with the results. The light fitting is a dismal excuse and I’m thinking of re-engineering to accept a better led solution.
  4. Had some issues driving the spitfire on a very hot day when she just stopped after showing symptoms of an electrical fault, ie under load loss of engine power and then dying, happened after I had driven some fifteen miles. Manage to get her going again after some twenty minutes after looking at fuel, no issues and fiddling with electrical connections reseating them. Electronic ignition all ok. The coil was extremely hot, and I mean hot, too hot to touch. Got to the TSSC meeting after another fifteen miles without incident but the coil was again to hot to touch. Same thing happened on the way home after fifteen miles or so she died with the same symptoms as before, got her going again and onto the drive. So I got a new Accuspark Sport 1.5 ohm ballast coil as a start to try and resolve the problem thinking the coil may be an issue as others at the TSSC meeting had suggested. When I measure across the contacts it shows 2.2 ohms not 1.5 ohms. So does it go on the car and if so what is the effect of this coil being over the 1.5 ohms. It has been suggested by he who shall rename nameless that these extra ohms may increase the spark hence the “sport” reference. All answers gratefully received. Paul B
  5. Hi Pete, yes the spacer went back.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Pete penny mod done. New needles installed. Mathew flow meter used as shown. Plugs sooty. Off for one last try using your advice, maybe I’m just being fussy.
  7. Indeed there is, not sure if I can afford his rates. 😊
  8. Hi all, Getting more and more frustrated trying to tune my 1500 1977 Spitfire, HS4 carbs. Does anyone out there know of a mobile tuning mechanic that could set these up. Car currently in Uxbridge. Paul
  9. Hi Roger, Thanks for the offer, too late I’m afraid I’ve already ordered a set. Paul
  10. Hi All, Where is the best place to get ABT needles for my SUs on my 1977 1500 spitfire. I found them for around £18 each, anyone know a better place where I can get them? Paul ( tight-fisted ) Brown
  11. This is the location on my spitfire for the hazard warning switch. Pain in the arse tightening up the slotted nut on to the thread of the switch with a pair of long nosed pliers. I made a tool shaped like a H, made the job soooo much easier. Paul
  12. Such a traumatic event erased from my memory, you were probably teasing me and deserved it 😂 to be honest I never recall Dad belting either of us. PB
  13. Dougbgt6 Cheek, puny indeed but a cockpit allowing wind in your hair and open to the sunshine. As for your stuff, never broken any of it , nothing you have I require except for you help and knowledge on occasional topics which is very much appreciated. Now as for borrowing I recall loaning you the engine oil drainer and on its return there was the missing pipe! “I don’t have the pipe I gave it to you back” the pipe that was later found by you several days later on top of your kitchen microwave! 🤭 PB
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