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  1. I did try a lug on the tacho which appears to be an earth as nothing else is connected to it, its the bottom most lug on the tacho that i tried, however the connector on the wire is much bigger than the lug on the tach so thats what made me doubt, but then again that may be the reason why it had fell off when it had been tucked up behind the dash???
  2. Yeh i checked the wiring diagrams and it does show as an earth but not where it connects. Hoping someone knows where its supposed to plug in. Its not that long so it cant be far away but its so tight behind the dash its a struggle to see if theres any empty lugs for it.
  3. Anybody got any idea where this connector should go? It comes off the hazard connector, the hazard switch was never connected when i brought it so im unsure where it should go. It looks black so im guessing its just a ground connector but im just wandering as its got a spade on it if anyone knows the correct location for it to be connected behind the dash Thanks
  4. Sounds positive. Did u spray the whole switch with the spray or just the connections?
  5. Sounds like you may be having a similar issue to me. My thoughts am to confirm it isnt a wiring issue first, (which it seems you may have if your switch is operating with a battery) So i am going to wire direct to the motor from a switch, 1 wire fed from live, 1 to ground and then the 3 other cables from the switch. Its handy that the motor is so close to the switch on the dash. Il report back how this goes. Obviously if it operates then i know my wiring is faulty somewhere on the harness. Well thats the theory anyway 🤔
  6. Thank u il giv it a blast. I take it all these tests need to be done with ignition on? At the risk of sounding a bit thick, what does it mean by self parking mode.
  7. Thanks graham il give this a try. When you say check for connection between 2 and 3, and then 3 and 4, do you mean with a multi meter?
  8. Seems that way, well either a duff switch or a wiring issue. I just removed connector, wired a ground directly into block and went from live to green and red/green and the motor operated. Now i think il temporarily wire from switch to block at motor, this way i'll know for certain if its a wiring issue or an issue with the switch Am the switches repairable or is it just a case of a new switch
  9. Ok thanks pete il look into both of these. Just a thought, with ignition on if i take a feed from a live and connect it to either the red/light green or blue/light green and the motor operates then this will confirm that the motor is operating, right? This way il know i have an issue at the switch?
  10. Thanks graham, yes i have 12v between black and green but nothing between on the other cables. I am testing between black to l/lg and black to b/lg, i take it that is correct? And do you think i may have a faulty switch if i am not getting any voltage when doing these tests?
  11. Hi doug, not sure if you posted at the same time as my second post, but yeh i found that diagram that tou posted on the internet and i found what i believe to be the missing cable as now i have the same colour cables at the switch that i have at the motor. Testing with a multi meter i have 12v between the black cable at the motor and the green cable, but then no voltage at any of the other connectors when i am operating the switch
  12. Just as a side note iv found the cable that i think was missing at the switch, the brown/green cable and connected that up. Iv tested at the connector and between the black and green cable is 12v, but there is no voltage at any other connector no matter what setting the switch is on.
  13. Hi, im just getting to the end of a complete rebuild and just re fitted all the wiring and harnesses. Everything seems to be working ok other than my wiper motor and my indicators seem to be very tempremental... everything was working prior to stripdown. If anyone can advise what i can do to test what could be the issue i would really appreciate it. Wiper- not doing anything at all when i turn the switch, iv checked with a multimeter and i am getting power to the switch and also power to the motor connection(i just tested across all prongs and only 1 is showing 12V). i have stripped
  14. Just looking through the photos i took from when i was stripping down before restoration, just noticed this which from what i can remember doesnt do anything. Anybody got any ideas what it might be? Thanks
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