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  1. Thanks, I did see those ebay posts. I think the decimal point was put in the wrong place.
  2. As this homemade stick is solid, the wires just run up the side of the stick. There is no thread on top of the stick so the wires just get pressed against a gear knob which has been loosely fitted with a couple of side retaining screws.
  3. it’s been removed and replaced with a long, homemade straight rally type stick - a pretty shoddy job. Being straight, it makes it too close to the steering wheel when driving - my watch keeps catching it.
  4. Thanks Clive, I’ll give that a thought - where did you get it?
  5. Pete - Yes, it is a single rail gearbox. Thanks Craig
  6. I looking for a gear stick for my Spitfire 1500 with Overdrive. Thanks.
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