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    Now mk4 puma 1.7vvt spitfire and a 2500s estate . Previously many spits (14). 2 gt6, 2 triumph 2000's, herald 13/60 and a tr7. 5 mgf/tf's . 4 mini's. 2 mk1 fiestas. Talbot alpine plus many bangers (as in rough old cars on the road!)

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  1. I was ten , march 1979.
  2. Well i have been flatting back the bodywork and even with four coats in a couple of places it started to go a bit thin. So a couple more coats put on. Now i have managed to get the vertical like glass from the gun (iwata wb400 classic 1.3 tip) but still orange peel on the boot lid! Can some of you experienced sprayers out there tell me what I'm getting wrong on the flat! Sprayed when laying in the closed position!
  3. I would not worry about that, most of the time mine have not been ready! I think i only made it to a show in my mk1 2000 twice, at Stafford. All the other times in a modern.
  4. Thanks for that, it helps. Fingers crossed everything else falls into place.
  5. I would have liked to have gone to this but if its only prebook i won't be able too. Many factors, weather, distance (as most club events tend to be far from norfolk), other family related problems that mean i might not be able to go. Thus not really knowing until a few days before if i can go. Of all thing my shift pattern is ok for that weekend! So sods law will be im free but will not have tickets! Whereas Duxford, im working that night so unless i can get the previous night off that has already been scuppered! 😪
  6. Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched back on
  7. Came across this in my travels yesterday. I did not buy it as i suspect it may not cater to all the cars around today!
  8. Every days a school day! We shall bring 50's high tec to today!
  9. The respray i can do, how do i get a new screen!
  10. Well with three full size cars i have only been allowed small ones! Not a bad haul. Herald vangaurd model five pounds. Two tr3a's open top 4 pounds the other 3 pounds both corgi. The Tr7 was 50p . Now the red tr3a needs a little clean but should i restore the Tr7? Its even got authentic rust underneath! They will join the stag and spitfire in my little collection.
  11. Not shaw what this is. Spotted today when i picked up some other cars!
  12. I would go with the cannleys kit. I have put it on my spitfire . Smoother turning and worry gone. I have had an upright snap going round a roundabout and its not fun. That was in the mid nineties, the car was about 25 years old then!
  13. Paid by debit card, won't do that on a big purchase again.
  14. Been doing the refinishing but have been slowed down by a broken compressor (see other thread). So onto the trim bits . Fed up with hanging up the bars i decided to make a frame to take them. I have done many of these bits of trim in the past and ironically after i have made a frame to spray them i probably won't do any more!
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