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    Now mk4 puma 1.7vvt spitfire , yellow spitfire in bits , 2500s estate and a gt6 mk3 to be restored after yellow spitfire. Previously many spits (14). 2 gt6, 2 triumph 2000's, herald 13/60 and a tr7. 5 mgf/tf's . 4 mini's. 2 mk1 fiestas. Talbot alpine plus many bangers (as in rough old cars on the road!)

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  1. One job done today. No pictures as i don't want to be reminded! Next time i replace the handbrake cables to do it when the body and diff are off!!!! That long cable takes some twisting and wriggle to get into place. Waiting on a new to me handbrake handle to arrive and new ends to fit to the drums. Why a new to me handle, simple it cost less than buying a new lever pin from rimmers, as rimmers is the only place i could find it! Ebay supplying the pin that happens to come with a free handbrake handle!
  2. I was only having a look at this yesterday! Love the size of that airbox! Are you going to have a big scoop to suck small birds in to feed it. Is that turbo going to be big enough and are you having an intercooler?
  3. Sounds good 👍. How many years has your paintwork been, as it looked good when i saw it and in your recent picture. I know the cellulose red only made it 2 years, thus going to use 2k.
  4. Now i have done solid direct gloss, "yellow spitfire". I have done base and clear coat, "pumaspit". Out of 5 litres of direct inca yellow i was left with 300ml of un mixed paint, probably waisted half a litre due to over mix and other f ups. On the base coat i bought 5 litres and have used half. The rest being clearcoat over. Some of the left over will be used on a hard top project next year. Now with that information which way should i go painting the gt6? Direct gloss 72 red or base and clear?
  5. I have a proper set, will go in the yellow spitfire. Bought for the pumaspit but don't fit as the seat belts are later aftermarket ones . Only the original type seat buckles fit in them!
  6. Mathew

    Exhaust GT6 mk3

    Nice, mine will be the same colour.
  7. Mathew

    Engine mounts

    Well don't hold your breath waiting, we will see.
  8. Mathew

    Engine mounts

    I have bitten the bullet! Ordered some poly resin. Two part kit. 60 shore. Now should i do engine mounts or overdrive mount? Only ordered a little amount so not sure if it will do both!
  9. Mathew

    Exhaust GT6 mk3

    Slight thread drift nigel, is that colour 72?
  10. Mathew

    Exhaust GT6 mk3

    I had that exhaust with the centre silencer. Very nice sound and alot better than the home made one i had on previous
  11. Pipework finished and drivers side rear drum all together. Hand brake next, also will clip it down when i put the fuel line in.
  12. Well done. Pleased its come together. Now get some miles in before winter snows you in!
  13. Mathew

    Noise camera's

    I don't have that but we do get alot of low flying f35 jets. You can't hear the telly or each other talking when that happens!
  14. Few years back when the arthritis made it difficult for me to move, before the wonder drug! In a poor mood i sold everything. All the parts and cars i had. Then i got better and now i can't move for parts again. From all sorts of cars . Now, spare engines , gearboxes , suspension, body parts. Where does it all come from! One year i bought 3 spitfires! I already had two!, the opertunity came that was too good to refuse!
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