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  1. I think that is going the extra mile! 1st stop off Can you guess where? Timed wrong as the hog roast roll place is closed on wenesdays, at least my water pipe for the 2500s has arrived at home for tomorrow
  2. At least you know its done right if you do it yourself.
  3. First going to use as boot liners for parts tomorrow.
  4. Depends on if they did . Or did they just bolt it together? Check it or have it checked, unless you can ask them.
  5. Proof required that you bought it and it was fitted to that car then? Not one that had previously been fitted to a car you did not own.!?
  6. Different grades of stainless, we had stainless machine's at work which rusted within a month, not caked just dirty lines. The problem with mix and match exhausts instead of whole systems tend not to quite fit exactly, most of the time you can get away with it but if its a tight space a rattle or leak often happens.
  7. Seen them on a car but mine is one of those glass flip up ones . I think they were after market and don't remember seeing them in a parts book or workshop manual. Bet pete knows!
  8. Calm down john, only one step away from name calling again. I have had a bit of agro over the last couple of days, for once take someones word. I could do the research (i did see it at the time) and show but am not going to. Not going into the agro i have had either. This is my bit of escapism. The stories over at work, its settled.
  9. I had to buy a roof rack for my car when we were on holiday. Due to the purchase of a gt6 bonnet in the local paper! Amazed we got it in the holiday caravan.
  10. No neeed too, mrs does all assembly!
  11. This is the lounge but it has bedroom furniture in it!
  12. Apparently due to some dodgy research according to work! Although thay didn't use the term dodgy. Its another jump on before posible law suit reaction.
  13. You missed a bit 🤣 Only joking, looking good. Our additional cupboards are arriving in may. I say arriving, we are collecting when there made.
  14. Thats the nature of moving from standard. Its a gift that keeps on giving.
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