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    Mathew got a reaction from SpitFire6 in Joke   
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    Mathew got a reaction from Mark Seniac in Now where did i leave my cricket bat   
    As a side of forum distraction ok, as an in your face relentless assault no. Your find whats this car part well replied to. Where as un related to cars or triumphs less so, as this is a triumph car forum.
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    Mathew reacted to Mark Seniac in Now where did i leave my cricket bat   
    Hi Mathew 
    alls ok ... lesson learned hope I’ll be forgiven 
    love the title “my sense of humour” 
    Im going to move on and just be a normal member no more silly posts. Love triumphs too much even if I may not of shown it ... too many experts on here lol I’ll concentrate on the real things my beloved vit and his resto.... 
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    Mathew got a reaction from Bfg in Trailer Tent for an open top sports car   
    Its a bit like tony heart. All of a sudden it will apear, can't  wait.
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    Mathew got a reaction from DVD3500 in Flat EV   
    I have two spitfires,  one heavily modified , the other although not totally original will be using triumph parts and be like a standard spitfire. Both would have been scrapped if cost and original was paramount. Will we embrace all or burn the heretic. In a utopia of cars all the parts would be available and everyone could afford them, there would be a classic garage taking care of your pride and joy when you could not. Fuel would never be an issue and everyone would have as many garages as they needed.
    It has and never will happen. So we all band together, help each other when we can and enjoy our cars while we can. I love them all, the totally standard to the modified. Dare i say it, a car has no soul, its a heap of metal designed to get you from a to b. It is the owner who uses it, looks after it that brings a car to life. Do you think a triumph with an electric drive train will be any less a triumph, the owner if he thought so would just buy a tesla or leaf! It would be so much easier. 
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    Mathew got a reaction from DVD3500 in Flat EV   
    The soul is the person driving, keeping them on the road. Original is nice but when you can only see them in a museum or hardly ever driven cos you don't want to ware them out as there are no original parts. Seen them all, trailered to a show with cling film on to total rat run, the soul is the owner and how he wants his car. If that means electric then so be it. Diesel or lpg fine too.
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    Mathew reacted to hardhatharry in 1976 Spitfire 1500   
    Bit of an update ordered some burnishing cream to polish up but the dash now looks like this.

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    Mathew reacted to alan.gilbert_6384 in Yellow spitfire   
    Its weird how it loads differently if you drag pictures or choose files ?

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    Mathew reacted to Colin Lindsay in double email notice for new posts   
    I don't need notifications, I'm on here too many times per day... I like the surprise of seeing what's new.
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    Mathew reacted to henk power in Back after long time...   
    This is not a greenhouse, it's a veranda, it's got sliding windows and parks four cars, most people buy this to sit under and enjoy a coffee, I enjoy looking at may cars every day and preserve them in stead of rusting in the weather... Our big garage was full, our greenhouse with tomatoes also so last option... one thing can't buy cars longer then 4.5 meter, so no Jags....
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    Mathew got a reaction from rogerguzzi in Overdrive gearstick   
    Received a nice propshaft today, so i have a prop, if anyone has a gearstick still?
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    Mathew reacted to Bfg in That was a year that was..   
    Thanks Colin I didn't know that.  bit worrying really as you'd hope the development and testing was done before they produced the cars. !
    Latest update  from Mark this afternoon showing the chassis upturned and painted, the threaded holes tapped clean and the new body mounting kit laid out. 
    Looking really good . . .

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    Mathew reacted to Bfg in That was a year that was..   
    A quick pictorial update from Mark today ; 
    ^ Parts solvent cleaned and jet washed. New nylocks and bolts are being used where Mark thinks best.  You and I might have cleaned the old ones up on a wire-wheel but replacing them is probably better value with a commercial operation. 
    ^ The bottom T-shirt being drilled, to help avoid a big puddle of water sitting in there, now that those plates have end upturns on them.
    ^ Like the 4A's tunnel-bridge, the bottoms of the rear diff support bridge were temporarily cut short ..so the 5.3mm thick vertical web plate used could pass uninterrupted along the rear chassis legs.  Those pieces have now been reinstated and the bottom flanges of the diff bridge have been closed in as box section.  I specifically asked for it to wrapped under the chassis rail, which M&T have kindly done for me. They have of course been drilled for drainage through their bottom corner.  The closed in box section rear diff-bridge together with a final corner gusset.

    ^ M&T skilled craftsman at work.  He's adding TR6 type body mounts onto the diff bridge / rear suspension's spring turret. I wanted these because I had ideas of fit a roll-over bar, and if so - then I very much prefer to tie that bar into the chassis. There's not much opportunity to do that with the standard TR4A chassis, which doesn't have these brackets.
    ^ aside from the top T-shirt the welding is now all done. The bare metal primed and the edges seam sealed.  I'm very pleased with their work. 

    ^ I supplied the paint and agreed a price with Mark to roll it on. I might add that their preferred way would be to spend more time prepping the chassis for paint and then spray-applying two-pack in satin-black ..for a very durable show-car finish.   Alas, I have to be very watchful of the final cost and for a road car., I'm very happy with a hand painted / rolled finish.  I asked for this paint to be applied as thin as practical, and despite doing so - he's done a great job in achieving an even covering. Credit to Mark., it's neater than I might have hoped for.  Hopefully the cooler temperatures after last night's rain helped with the working times.  
    Oh yes, I am aware that semi-satin black is standard Triumph, but I wanted silver because my tired old eyes can then better see if anything is amiss ..fastenings working loose, reoccurrence of rust, &/or oil leaks, etc.  Boat and caravan / trailer chassis are very often bright galvanised or silver painted ..but car manufacturer usually prefer not to highlight the fact that their cars leaked as 'original' direct from the factory.  Any who frown might like to reflect on Triumph's works race TR4 chassis, which was I believe painted brilliant white, as indeed it seems TR Enterprises TR4 FIA Race car was < here >. 
    Once the paint on this side of the chassis has gone hard, then the chassis will of course be flipped for the top faces likewise painted.  Thereafter mechanical reassembly commences.   
    I'm well pleased,
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    Mathew reacted to Peter Truman in Home-made Tools and those you've adapted or modified. And also "tips and tricks".   
    I know the Club Shop sells a Coil Over Spring Compressor SC001 cost 60quid, & it weighs 3Kg which could cost 80quid to send to Aus, plus our GST/Import tax so all up say 160quid or $300A, 
    So I decided to make my own (DIY), 2 pieces of 175mm by 100mm by 13mm thick bar/plate steel cost $11.5, it took me 2 hrs with the drill press to drill the 7 holes, except the two big 38mm and 45 mm holes, one in each end plate, the 10mm metric threaded bar I had, but the 6 nuts cost $2. Ref the two big holes like Colin L I have access to an extensive machine shop (neighbour's gear manufacturer) cost for drilling the two big holes Nix, but I'll take a bottle of good SA red over & we'll drink it!
    So all up it cost me $13.5 and 2.5hrs of my time, no its not powder coated, but I will etch paint it & as it's kept in my garage and a tool chest it won't be susceptible to rust!
    As you can see I've used it to replace the perished bush's at the top & it's great and more importantly safe to use unlike the hook versions!!
    One job I have to do is modify the bottom plate to accept the GAZ adjustment knob, another reason why I made my own. The nuts are = to 5/8 UNF & I don't have a ratchet spanner that size, 9/16 and 3/4 Yes, so I think I'll treat myself to one. 

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    Mathew got a reaction from dougbgt6 in I didn't know Triumph made one of these?......   
    Yes but alot sooner than the cowards
  16. Haha
    Mathew got a reaction from Qu1ckn1ck in I didn't know Triumph made one of these?......   
    Yes but alot sooner than the cowards
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    Mathew reacted to henk power in Back after long time...   
    Thankx for the welcome, as you asked for pictures, here are some, the 4 door 1300 barnfind after 22 years lockup, totally complete when I checked the trunk I found the hubcaps, the red Spitfire Mark 1, complete and undergoing this winter a total restoration, was originally old English white and will be again...I think...  Since then working on a Spitfire Mark II but on hold due to work on our house... have more to come later...  that guy in eastern Belgium can be helpful as I'm still looking for a front bumper for the Mark II...Greetings

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    Mathew reacted to wimpus in Spit 1500 body repairs   
    Another blow over with primer this morning !
    Sadly it was 30 degrees outside today and needed to work in the sun.. to hot !
    Otherwise I had fixed the dents in the bonnet and given the top panel some primer to.
    Rest of the week its going to be rainy, that stops play.
    Slowly getting there !

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    Mathew reacted to Colin Lindsay in The embarrassing Herald 1200 restoration thread - flyin' along   
    Well we both got here and if I've timed this right it's my 10,000th post, so I wanted a momentous occasion to mark it.
    Piston rings arrived this morning - thanks again to excellent service from James Paddock - so as I only required one no2 ring the piston has been fitted with gudgeon pin, new circlips and new rings, well greased, and slid into place with what seemed like indecent ease.
    The Herald engine now has all four pistons, crankshaft and camshaft fitted, and we're all systems go for fitting everything else, getting it back into the car, and running the engine for the first time since 2003. As all of the other mechanical bits have long been overhauled, we should see this Herald Estate moving under its' own steam before the end of 2021.
    I never thought I'd say it but: THANK YOU LOCKDOWN. I don't think I'd have had the spare time otherwise. 
    I've also found that despite advancing years I can still lift a complete engine block - okay, minus head - off the bench and set it down onto a trolley without breaking, straining or tearing anything. Not bad for a pensioner!
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    Mathew reacted to Bfg in That was a year that was..   
    Thanks chaps, I'm not sure what to do now. I'll discuss your comments with Mark and review my options.   
    - - -
    I've just received an update from Mark at M&T Classics, who are doing my chassis mods.
      WARNING : If you're an ardent "originality" enthusiast or otherwise suffer from welding envy - you might want to look away.. 
    ^ checking the positions of the diff mounting studs before welding in both ends of the top braces.  Closing in of those webs yet to be done. 
    ^ Bracing the diff bridges together.    Additional gussets. ^^   
    ^ addition cross bracing support and diagonals, extended T-shirt plate and outside corner gusset / jacking plate.
    ^  Talking of jacking plates.
    And then Malcolm's vertical web stiffening of the rear chassis legs . . .
    ^ starting inside the main chassis rails up, by the gearbox mount, and running right the way to the back (passed the cross tube of the silencer mount) to 40mm from the end. 
    The cut short bottom of the 4A transmission tunnel bridge and diff mounting bridge will be reinstated and the webs of the diff mounting bridge will then be closed in. The front diff mounting bridge have also been closed in.

    ^ Top T-shirt plate will be assessed with respect to fitting pipes and exhaust within the tunnel.
    And aside from the temporary WW1 camouflage., I don't think what I've asked for looks at all outrageous. 
    What else can I say ?  ..but that I'm well impressed with both M&T's friendly service and their craftsmanship.
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    Mathew reacted to cliff.b in Further afield 🤞   
    Very true. There was an accident blocking the A14 near home on the way back so I diverted back onto the B roads and didn't mind a bit. 
    Usually it would have wound me up 😡
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    Mathew reacted to Chris A in Further afield 🤞   
    Then I must have a very good car as I only take the long route with detours, in other words I get lost a lot!
    Last year I did a circuit and my 'worry' wasn't would the car break down but was I up to it physically 🤔
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    Mathew got a reaction from Brooky in Puma powered spitfire   
    Taken out for a quick run. And a was and polish! 

    Then put to bed before the next lot of rain! Onto the 2500s this afternoon.
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    Mathew got a reaction from Nigel Clark in 50 year old H P oil. Any good still?   
    If you rub the can does a genie come out? Probably good for general lock/hinges but would not trust it on anything else
  25. Thanks
    Mathew reacted to Badwolf in Yellow spitfire   
    Mathew - This is fascinating for me as I have never seen the inside of a gearbox both good and damaged. Thanks.
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