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  1. Is the join between the goose neck pipe to the fuel pipe in the boot or under it?
  2. Purchased a brake line kit from Canleys, a couple of the lines are too short, so got my fuel line kit from Rimmers, should the fuel pipe shown be that short, I thought it should go all the way to the tank?
  3. I want to find who on the site is using glue to fit some body panels....I want to glue new front wheel arches to my wing rather than spot weld because the old arches were rotten and I had a lot of work to clean up the wing where the arches meet it and the wing is a replacement with rather a small flange into which the spot welds would normally go. Does anyone know who is doing this I am told he is restoring a Herald.....
  4. Yes the keyway on the TR7 example is much larger
  5. Thanks spoke to Robsport they could not be sure. I got hold of a TR7 flange, the same as Spitfire except for the key way. My original on left, the one I am not sure about in the middle, TR7 on right. Does anyone know the size of the brake drum retaining screws as I have to tap a new hole.......yes I know the wheel will keep the drum on but if I can tap a hole I won’t feel so bad about breaking the screw
  6. I am being told from a different source that the woodruff key is different dimensions for the tr7 flange than the spitfire flange. I have a spare key and it seems to fit both but I am far outside my comfort zone here.........would anyone know whether the keys are common, the Rimmers code for the spitfire key is the same for Spitfire Herald GT6 but different for TR7, would it matter if I used the wrong key as it seems to fit
  7. We’re the SD1 version axles completely different flanges or just slightly different?
  8. I think what I have is a TR7 flange, question will be is the axle taper the same between a spitfire and TR7?
  9. Forgot to say I put new studs in my existing bent flange and it will no longer go through the brake drum because the studs are not square so I guess I will have to get a replacement, only £20
  10. So just to make sure I understand Pete, are you saying this is a spitfire flange from a later version car......mines a 1976? In other words I should be able to get one from eithe Spitbitz or the graveyard.
  11. Bent a hub flange so ordered a new one from Spitbitz, seems to fit ok any idea what car the one on the right is from
  12. If I pull the hub forward with the puller will it damage the bearing?
  13. Ok thanks. So I know how far to set everything should the outer edge of the axle, excluding the thread for the nut be level with the outer face of the flange so the washer is touching both?
  14. I thought the same but the distance from the end of the axle to the flinger at the back is 146 mm which it should be according to the manual. So the bearing housing must be in the right place
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