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  1. Hmmmm I would rather keep my original box if at all possible so by the sounds of it the main parts I would need to acquire would be a D type overdrive and main shaft? And my car is a 74 reg so defiantly a late model I just did my seals on the diff and although i didn't check the code i noted a blob of red paint on the casing
  2. Thanks for your reply Clive I thought it was something similar to that. I think finding a main shaft would be the biggest problem. Are the main shafts from the dolomite 1850 boxes compatible I feel like I read that somewhere but could be incorrect.
  3. Hi All I'm thinking about trying to convert my current non OD gearbox to an OD unit and was wondering all the components I would need to do this whether it would be an original D type unit or a better J type (which if my understanding is correct are stronger). On the face of it doesn't seem like a massively complicated job just not sure on what exact parts would be required from which triumph models.
  4. Ah nice one are they happy to ship to the UK?
  5. So I am in the process of re doing all the seals in my mk3 diff. Now I am changing the drive shaft bearings as the old ones get a bit ruined having to remove them for the seals with a bit of force and heat. How ever whilst the diff is opened is it worth changing the carrier bearings (I do have some timkin ones of the correct size lying about) or is this something best left alone. If it is worth me doing is there anything I should be looking out for or doing especially?
  6. Now that would be brilliant Ed where do you get these from?
  7. I to thought poly bust buttons would be ideal but iv never been able to find any.
  8. shaft is still straight yeah it was caused by leverage from the prop being taken off incorrectly
  9. That is fantastic had not thought I could still get one new Canley to the rescue.
  10. Hi all Would anyone have a source for some Teflon spring buttons for rebuilding the rear spring on a GT6 as iv heard the new rubber ones absolutely do not last.
  11. Hi all Was hoping the collective mind would have a solution to my problem. My diff flange managed to get bent during disassembly from the car and wondered if anyone had any good ways to ether straighten it or if anyone had any that they would be willing to sell. Its of a Late Mk3 GT6 I believe a KC prefix.
  12. Hi All Does anyone happen to know the correct size socket for the castellated pinion nut on the diff? And on replacement am I correct in thinking that its just tighten to torque spec over number of turns on this type of diff.
  13. Yeah I think iv accidently ordered the carrier bearings which from what's been said I should leave alone. Hope returns to Canley's aren't to bad and reorder the correct bearings 😂
  14. So I have ordered seals and bearings as advised. getting the bearings from Canley. I'm a bit confused though as thought the output shaft bearings were a standard ball bearing yet iv been sent tapered roller ones. Are these correct or is there an issue? Iv added a photo of the exact ones received
  15. Would you know what the bearing number is so I can get a pair ordered up for the side shafts?
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