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  1. Very good to know. Thanks to you both. What I read in some of the Forum threads fits in with this also. Anyway, the brackets are bought and the shocks are way further down the road.
  2. Thanks, guys, just ordered it (without shocks) from Rimmer. What a relief! Now I don't have to find somebody with a parts car and pay them to drill out/unweld the 50 year old brackets and weld them on to my bodyshell.
  3. I have a 1971 chassis and a 1973 (non Rotoflex) body. I need parts 821154 and 821155 (plate assembly, reinforcement). Would consider good used if you are willing to drill out spot welds and ship to USA.
  4. The unrusted 1973 bodyshell (from Oklahoma-no road salt!) does not have the mounts for rear shocks in the inner fender wells. This is because in 1973 Triumph reverted to swing-arm suspension. I have been unable to find all 4 parts required (714655 and 714656 are available but 821154 and 821155 are NLS). I have read that TSCC sells or used to sell a kit that eliminates the need for these. Is this still available? Can't seem to find it. Joe Curry at Spitlist used to make a bracket to do this but no longer makes it. I have also read that Moss Motors makes such a kit but again I can't find it. Any suggestions? I am new here but I do love my GT-6 and want to restore it. Until I took it off the road 20 years ago I drove it daily and worked on it even more often.
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