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  1. The seals and pin i've done so many times that I have a few ways to do them and doesnt take long. Strangly on my left door the outer seal is a pain to fit.. Yes got central locking since 2013. Its now on its 2nd chineese kit. Need to uograde the wiring to more copper wires.. China wiring is plastic with 3 or 4 little copper wires, in the winter when cold the wires/plastic could break off... And had the motors filled with water.. But thats now been taken care off
  2. Today.. Fully stripped the door, sandblasted the inside, rust convertor on the inside & green zink primer & then outside in 2k grey primer ! Sadly it started to rain.. but i was sort of prepaired (last pic).
  3. More work was done.. and all in 1 rainy day. First to remove the door. Found more rust and bad seamsealer (really hate the stuff! ) Will sandblast the whole area and do it right later
  4. Really wanted to strip it until near the windscreen seal. But bad weather was coming and didnt want to get the wiper arms off, wheelbox bezels etc.. Sadly in the late afternoon it was amazing weather.. but I was to fed up
  5. Some more stuff done sunday. (Saturday builded up the front end of a 1968 Porsche 911 ! ) Next will be the windscreen.. a job i'm scared off 😅 Or the door.. Next weekend is a 4 day one.. so could do some work, if the weather is good... The mesh of the heater box had a few layers of primer & paint in the mesh... a nightmare to clean up the little holes.
  6. Last 2 days I have been doing some more bodywork. Rear wings and rear deck had a few little marks and dents. So sorted that out now. Also while I was at it.. sanded off the sills and bye green zink phosphate !
  7. This week had a look inside my passenger door due to rust.. I noticed the stonechip paint that a 'friend' (back in 2011 ) had sprayed inside started to flake a lot. So did a good clean up at the door bottom. Door does need to come off to be stripped fully, so will sandblast the inside then to. For now some rustconvertor has been sprayed in. But again not bad for 43 years and all solid.
  8. Today had a look at the door.. And fixed it. Bended the doorskin out of the way, sandblasted, rust cut out, painted inside, then weld a patch in etc. Sadly ran out of green primer.. so back to red
  9. Yep those are the ones !
  10. Thanks for the help guys ! Measured and marked 11degrees on the pully, started engine and it was aroundTDC/ 1° . Previous owner put in electronic ignition kit, so probably never checked the timing(thats my guess). Adjusted the timing, engine picked up great and sounded a lot better. My friend drove it around the block (as not much time), but was amazed. Much more power in lower revs (before only above 3000), exhaust isnt as loud anymore and no pops anymore on overrun ! Starts up better when hot to. But could hear something ratteling up front. The
  11. I dont need to be worried on paint.. Nearly whole car is in primer and.. door still needs to be stripped ! In her new dry garage incl a wall full of Spitfire spares and TR7 doors that are for a friend in the Netherlands (still sort of travel ban).
  12. Been looking at it. Been thinking of cutting it out. My driver door had rust showing on the outer skin because of this.. Not wanting this after shes painted. So will cut it out (maybe with a dremel), sandblast and put new metal in. Actually the whole door needs sandblasting on the inside bottom edge due to rust. And want/need to strip down the whole door to bare metal , weld, fill and prime it... all in 1 weekend 😅
  13. Ah,f... Fox needs more welding, passenger door has a rot spot. Ar the rear/underside/ back of the door. Need to look into on how to fix this ...😅
  14. Friend of mine sold his Spitfire SBW471T a few years ago. But the seller turned out to be a dealer and sold it on.. Something that he didnt like as he spend lots of money on her in the years he drive her. But since then the car is never been seen.. But its still on the road ! So if you own or know where it is.. let me know.
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