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  1. Today.. blocksanding ! + guide coat & spray filler. Tomorrow a few spots need primer again 😅 Its actually not that bad.
  2. Also found out why closing the bonnet it pulled a dent in.. There was a dent in the bulkhead/side panel, just where the guide wheel of the catch is. When you close the catch it pushed the wheel against the bulkhead. With the dent it pushed in to far ! Knocked it back and no more bonnet dent ! Pics of both sides..
  3. Left bonnet panel.. I better replaced this to .. but will try and get it right. It had a massive dent above the catch, when closing the catch.. it got bigger. Got the dent mostly out by shrinking the metal. Hot air gun, hammer and cold water did the trick. But its still not 100 %.
  4. Last 1,5 week im home because of my back and right leg hurting badly. Yesterday needed to get an MRI scan to 🙄. Will see now what the docter says, probably a blocked nerve. Now my back is better, still hurts and need to stop ever hour or 2.. But wanted to do some jobs on Fox. Did it while sitting on a chair ... I must be getting old (31 !) 😁. Block sanding, sanding guide etc Needa a bit more primer in spots.
  5. Red is a crack in the metal it seems. Yellow is the whole edge thats more in. Did got that a bit better now.
  6. Hi all, Been looking at some dents etc on the right side wing of my 2nd hand (ex-usa) bonnet. The edge is bend + a dent above the handle.. Sadly that dent gets bigger once I close the handle 😑. Now what to do about it ? Maybe heat up the dent and let it cool down with ice/cold water so it shrinks ? Also underside sticks out a bit past the sill. Other side is fine, that panel was very bend. So replaced that with an NOS (1983) wing, wish I had done the other side now to as that fits very nice.
  7. A short video. Look... the ground moves ! 🤣 20210605_163044.mp4
  8. So.. my main problem was no overdrive and then found the parts of the spacer on the drainplug. Yesterday I had a go at fixing the od. Bought the OD tool to remove the plugs under the sump of a J-type. Still hard to get to as there is an exhaust in the way. The pressure filter was indeed blocked. Fitted my clean spare one & filled the oil. Still no go.. nothing. So tunnel out, the oil drained again in a clean container (to re-use again). Solenoid was also working fine. But found 2 parts of the relief valve that where stuck in each other. Got those apart, gave it a good clean. Blew through all the oilways to (thanks to my handy Volvo overdrive j-type manual and an old spitfire manual). And .... it low works ! Tested the pressure to, bought a gauge in the US to test all the Triumph overdrives (mostly to fix a friend his one ..). Pressure was around 315/325psi.
  9. More work done.. A-/B-posts done for now. Next step... windscreen out job 😓 When I had done one side and cleaning my gun.. the compressor failed. The pressure regulator went bad. So got that fixed sunday morning and we where back
  10. No, she always arrives home under her own power ! 😂
  11. Strangly.. box was full of oil. But i think the laygear shaft failed or bearings Swarf everywhere.. also in all the sycro hubs, mainshaft top bearing etc etc etc 80w90 gl4 (millers) was used.
  12. Seems the mainshaft + 1st gear is scrap in my spare box New 4th gear/motion shaft, 1st gear, mainshaft etc ordered .. Parts coming from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Lucky enough bought a NOS laygear last year. Hopefully can build up the spare box. And hopefully the overdrive works again after a good clean out.. Its going to be an expensive one.
  13. So what i think is that part no 8 or 11 has failed. Now to search for a new mainshaft and input for my spare box ....
  14. Nick & Marcus, Ive used KSM (japaneese) bearings on mine. Its not that what has failed me now. But a spacer that runs both sides next to the bearing of the mainshaft tip. Its not the 3rd gear clip (always replace that one when the box is open). The parts that came out, i had measured then. To thick to be 3rd gear clip, so had a look at my other failed box.
  15. Yesterday suddenly no overdrive anymore. So had a look.. still 12v to the solenoid and it clicked. This morning stripped out the interior. Solenoid tested out of the box.. working fine. I had bought a pressure gauge. So fitted that... no pressure at all. Drained the oil.. metal bits could be heard falling ! In the last 4 years i have rebuild my 1 in the car and spare every year once. -First time 3rd gear clip. -2nd front bearing -3rd time front bearing Last october/november the last one failed massivly. Laygear broken + shaft, all bearings bad, mainshaft tip bad etc etc etc. Now this.. Its not the 3rd gear clip , but a spacer from the mainshaft bearing. Really dont know what to do. As the one with bad mainshaft etc.. still could not get the parts for it. And yes I do around 15.000miles / year.
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