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  1. My A-post around the door check strap area cracks. Welded it and comes back. But noticed a lot more flexing then the passenger side. Had a look.. Anyone got idea's how to fix it ? 20210920_195332.mp4
  2. Had a try to get the lower front end fitting right. I did got an 18year old to help/supervise ... well more laying on the job that is ! 🙃
  3. Still a few jobs to do on Fox. But.. im going to see to get it painted before december. Going to 2 bodyshops for a quotation.
  4. Last weekend had a look at 2 patches from the previous owner(s). They patched over the rust and I had seal the spot welded edge swelling up badly. So fuel tank etc out and... Time to investigate ! Whole part has been de-rusted (as is the seam on the inside of the tunnel) + waxed & seam sealed etc
  5. I did it this way and it cracked (but welded not brazed (that is stronger). An uk specialist said to weld an inch of the seam. For the rest ive seam sealed it.
  6. Over the weekend done a few minor jobs. Noticed one side the sill seam was cracking.. my weld didnt hold. So after I got a tip from an old UK Spitfire Specialist I welded 3cm each side (that will hold ! ). Bonnet right wing had a reaction.. So stripped it again and started to get it straight again. That seems to go well. Then sunday some wet sanding. Still a few spots to get right (written them down). Really need to go to a bodyshop I know this weekend. Saturday want to reweld an inner wheel arch /tunnel over the spring edge(seam swelling u due to rust). So fuel tank out job etc..
  7. Today went with Fox to an local Bosch service center for emissions + front lights check. Emissions where to high (as i expected). 8%, so turned it down to around 3% (legal limit is 4.5%) Light where just a bit to low, so adjusted them (amazingly after all the work it only needed that !) MOT station, she still drive pretty good to there. But just a bit lean. Emissions test... 3.5%. Then after it I needed to wait outside. Guy drives on the lift .. shouts something at me, but didnt understand him because of the face masks. So went inside, he said : 'how do you get in and out easy out if this' I replied.. practice 😂 Then on the lift (another tester) I went to see him for an advisory from last year. He didnt spot anything wrong and said the Fox was all ok.. no advisory's at all , even not for oil sweating/leaking (time to check the oil ! 🙃) In the past year she had done 18.192kms/11.300miles ! Less then normal actually, but been off the road a few times in the past year.
  8. Also been rebuilding alternators. Before I bought them from minispares uk, but due to brexit it became to expensive. And over in europe they cost 2 to 3 times the price then in the UK.. So had a look and found kits in Germany cheaply. And bearings I found online and using SKF ones. Visited our local supplier as I noticed that my rear shoes are getting thin and the drums worn. So got these saturday, but will fit them after the MOT/technical inspection tomorrow(monday)! Horns failed to. Found out the horns are dead.. that was saturday evening. So 'stole' some of a friend his TR6, so mine passes (new ones ordered). Hopefully with all the welding etc it will be good for the inspection. But first before the inspection front lights setting and emissions adjustment 😅
  9. On another note, clutch was playing up. Renewed clutch master & slave + the pedal & pin.... it was needed !
  10. Previous weekend done some jobs on the drivers door.. Now Fox is back in one color(ish) 🙃 Found out my window regulator was a bit worn. But had a spare one, so fitted that now.
  11. 2 Days ago done some bodywork on the bonnet. Fixed the 10 dents that where in it and put primer on. Now she's nearly back in one color exept the door 😅 Always fun when you open the bonnet and see coolant.. Waterpump failing after... 7 months. Put on a new one on yesterday.
  12. I have 4 Lucas ACR alternators I want to rebuild. But 2 alternators of them have regulators with 2 wires and the other 2 have the regulators with 4 wires. Found the rebuild kits in europe. But my main question is, can you switch from 4 wire regulator to 2 ? And what is the difference between the 2 and 4 wire regulators
  13. Yes that could be it to. You can blow that passage (and all the others) out when removing the oil, oil relief valve etc. Hope its a simple fix for you !
  14. From an old Volvo J-type service manual i've got.
  15. What does the overdrive do or not do ?
  16. I've used this again last week. My uncle made it for me years ago. I've also made an extra plate with smaller hole for.. starter motor spring/bendix change . Very easy to get that clip off then ! 🙃
  17. When under the car looking to the front of the car. Under the od sump (j-type) Left big plug : pressure filter Middle : oil pump Right : presure relief valve If you need decent pics out of a volvo (yes these used a j-type to !) Give a shout
  18. Yesterday evening a quick testdrive to test everything. I go around corner... a loud bang. Bottom leaf of the rear spring broke! Got it apart in the dark and got a new spring this morning. After an good hour she was back on the road 😁 Now to fix a coolant leak (bottom hose of rad... typical !)
  19. Seems I was lucky.. radio again works as normal. And tubing pushed futher up the jet.. no leaks for now.
  20. Seems my washer jet tubing now leaks, onto the loom and into the radio... that's now doing strange stuff.. time to buy a new one I think 😓
  21. And... its IN ! 🙃 With thanks to my uncle and a friend. + another local guy came by, fitted new spark plugs (previous owner fitted resistor plugs..) and replace his screaming alternator. The screen and rubber do fit a lot better then before !
  22. The last few months I needed to use another a car for a few days. For sure when doing sills etc. But still only 10 to 14 days I think it was .
  23. More done today. One corner was rotten and a few more areas needed attention. Sadly after 2 try's this evening to fit the windscreen .. we gave up. Tomorrow we will try again !
  24. My 'plan' is get the original engine apart, then let it re-bore, crank checked etc etc. Maybe mk3 style camshaft (but only fitted a new standard 1500 cam (10.000kms ago)in january this year when the headgasket failed. After 325.000kms/201.000miles its the best I could do I think. She did do it well all those years. But she was using oil, not very fun on long trips (is something that im planning to do next year when corona etc is over .. I hope).
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