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  1. Is Duxford on this year? I haven't heard anything. It was fantastic two years ago. My Mrs and I spent two days travelling up in the Spit. It was our first long trip fraught with little mishaps.... First thing I did when I got there was to visit the club shop and buy a new dizzy, leads and plugs! Oh and most importantly, two Triumph baseball caps...... Charlie
  2. Brill, thanks Doug. Club shop it is as I need another shed loads of kit......... Charlie
  3. Hi all, I need to change the gearbox cover (the one onside the cab). I currently have the cardboard/fibreboard on in place but it's a bit knackered. I see Rimmers have a plastic one and fibreglass one. Does anyone have experience of both or either of these, which should I go for? Is there that much difference and do I need to sound/heat proof the new one when it arrives? Many thanks Triumphers. Charlie
  4. Tanky

    Seat belts

    I knew I could rely on you guys.... It makes more sense to have static 3 pointers which I hadn't thought of.......trust me, I won't be going fast enough to injure myself in my Spit. I'm into it for FAR more ££££££'s than it's worth or ever will be! Cheers all, have a good one. Charlie
  5. Tanky

    Seat belts

    Hi guys, Sorry, to be clear. I have a 1976 1500 Spit. The current seatbelts are 3 point type and I want to replace them with lap belts as the current ones I have in place strangle me! I am also changing the interior to Tan, so black belts won't match. Is it just a case of drilling a hole in an appropriate place, reinforcing with a plate underneath and bolting through? Does anyone know when I replace them will the seatbelt warning light still work? and lastly, where can I get Tan coloured belts? Cheers all, hoping to see you all in the summer at a meet! Charlie
  6. Tanky

    Seat belts

    Hiya all, It's been a while.......Has anyone swapped out lap belts instead of three point type. Is it an easy swap, where do you anchor them to? Cheers Charlie
  7. Thanks for that Colin. A new wiring loom is £384.00! I think I'll have the ebay one....No offence Rimmee Brothers!
  8. Hi all again, I'm sorry I haven't been on for a while. Good! I hear you say..... So, I have the square windscreen wiper switch and behind the dash is a multi-spade switch connector thing. As I was replacing my throttle cable I noticed a spade connector hanging loose. I saw an empty spade on said thing and connected it to it as I thought I had knocked off the spade. Unfortunately, It had no business being connected and it melted the wiring out nearly causing a fire and melting the plastic so badly the spade connectors came adrift. So, I spoke to Rimmers and they don't sell the said melted plastic thing. It comes as part of a full wiring loom. Does anyone have spare one or a donor car they can cut it out of for me please? I'm willing to pay for it of course..... Many thanks all...... Best Charlie WSW 5WSW 4WSW 3WSW 2WSW 1
  9. Hi Colin, I bought everything to refurb my Spit seats from the club except for the webbing and clips. I had mine refurbed by Wayne Springer (Springers) in Cardiff. He charged me £200.00 for the job and the result was amazing. He's got a waiting list, generally of Bentley drivers wanting personalised seats........but he's worth a call as he loves classics and may let you jump the queue.... best Charlie
  10. Tanky


    Hello all, Just a quick update....So engine came back from South Wales Pistons, all shiny and new. Bernie has done a fantastic job of rebuilding the engine and it is now back in the Spit. It turns over beautifully but I'm not getting a spark to the plugs, fear not though as I haven't had time to mess about with it. I suspect I have wired up the coil incorrectly, but I will have a look this weekend. Will post a video when she is running. In the meantime, I have been getting her ready for paint.... More soon... Cheers all Charlie
  11. P7rider, do you have a photo of the stick on version on your car and also can anyone tell me where to get the individual letters please? I hate the numberplate stuck on the front of my 1500 Spit... Cheers tanky
  12. Tanky


    Hello all. Firstly, can I say a huge thanks for all your advice. I really appreciate it. So, due to the ongoing problems with my engine and haven spoken to Alan Gourley (TSSC South Wales) I have decided that the best thing for me to do is to pull my lump out again and give it to Bernie Littlewood (TSSC South Wales) who is our local engine guru, to completely strip it down and sort it out, as this is way past my skill levels. Thanks Bernie! I am looking forward to posting a video of my engine running beautifully sometime soon. In the meantime, look out for my questions on how to re-fit everything else! Thanks again you lovely lot. Charlie
  13. Tanky


    Hi all, as promised, here's pics of my head. It's recessed. So have ordered one from Paddock. Thoughts? Charlie
  14. Tanky


    Hi Nigel. Absolutely will do. Photos tomorrow. Thanks mate. Charlie
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