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  1. Still PlusGas here...
  2. We aim to please. And at the top of your arm.
  3. You can use a spray oil, much safer.
  4. OK, here goes... All my classics have had Evans in them for years, the Mustang for over 16. It's Propylene Glycol and works very well for me. The main downside is like all coolants it finds the leaks easily - more than a water mix, but that seems to be because it's neat. The propensity for leakage seems to be significantly less with rubber hoses than with silicone. I have no connection whatsoever with either manufacturer or suppliers, but I find it excellent. No corrosion at all in any of my engines/radiators as far as I can tell. You need to get the water content to below 3%, I bel
  5. The power and manipulative ability of the press and social media is simply staggering, and very depressing. Just look at those figures and do the sums... It's difficult to keep your cool when some old biddy off the fen comes in and says she 'doesn't want any of that dangerous stuff' injecting in her arm. I mean... not looking forward to my three days this week, when we'll be back to the OAZ.
  6. It also seems to commonly be a cavernous sinus thrombosis.
  7. Actually had a couple of old boys try to give me tips after their jabs. Very difficult to refuse without offending, but a strict no-no. In the early seventies I had a patient who was a hairdresser. Every time I did any treatment for him he'd try to press a fiver into my hand. Presumably he was given them so thought it normal.
  8. Smacks of special treatment and mate's rates to me...
  9. Ten years older than Anglefire!
  10. I’ve got a GT6 and a bonnet - and I’m ten years older...
  11. The correct answer to that, is 'I know what you are...'
  12. That’s what we’re telling everyone who grabs it with glee thinking it is!
  13. Yes, it's part of your medical record along with your flu jabs etc. and will go on that automatically. However, that doesn't mean we can access your medical records by being logged in to the vaccination programme.
  14. I'm not saying it's not possible to be linked - it may be, you'd need to ask an NHS IT person. But the Pinnacle vaccination programme is not automatically linked to provide access to the patient's personal medical record as far as I know. It certainly is not connected in the clinic I work at. If a patient asks a question relating to an aspect of their care, we ask them to contact their GP. My concerns around data protection are that a person working as an admin in a vaccination centre may not have the correct clearances to access a patient's medical records. Some degree of training
  15. I don't understand that at all. I can see no way of accessing the patient's record, with the possible theoretical exception of a) being in the GP surgery the patient is registered with AND b) being able to log into the patient record programme on the same computer you are running Pinnacle on - impossible unless you know the relevant passwords and are authorized to use them. This would not be straightforward to organize, and I would be concerned about the GDPR implications of doing it in a vaccine clinic - and would be so much more time-consuming than simply getting the information from the
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