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  1. Applied for the sticker for my modern (ish) Skoda yesterday. Website was fairly easy to understand (there is an English version) but you have to scan and attach your V5C which was fiddly.
  2. Has the date for the 2017 South of England Meet been announced?
  3. I believe there is a fairly active classic car scene in the Greek part of Cyprus. I belong to a classic Ford club and we have a couple of members out there who regularly take part in runs and rallies. Also lots of old style breakers yards with 60s classics in them, many previously owned by UK military personnel.
  4. Thanks for posting the link, rogerguzzi. I have ordered one of those.
  5. Thanks for the advice, Pete. I used Wilkinson's teak wood dye as it seemed to be the closest match to the colour of the dash, and many, many coats of Wilkinson's yacht varnish, rubbing down between coats with 1500 and then 2500 grade wet and dry. I am quite pleased with the results, although there are still some tiny bubbles in the final coat of varnish. I can remove these with wet & dry and then use cutting compound but can anyone recommend a final polish to produce a really good shine?
  6. You have to cover blue lights and any 'police' markings if driving on public roads.
  7. I have bought some Vitesse wooden front door cappings to fit on my Herald. They are not a matched pair, so were slightly different colours, and are much lighter in colour than my dashboard, which has been re-varnished at some time in the past so is almost certainly not its original colour. Also the varnish on the cappings is cracked and peeling in places. I am removing the old varnish by sanding with very fine sandpaper (see photo), but what is the best way of changing the wood colour to get a similar shade to the dashboard? Should I use wood dye and then many coats of clear varnish, or should I use coloured varnish? I realise that I will never get an exact colour match unless I also strip and re-varnish the dash, but would appreciate any advice.
  8. I am currently having the body of my 1960s Ford restored professionally. It is costing 2 to 3 times the value of the car when finished. However I am not doing it as an investment. I have owned the car for 35 years and have no intention of selling it, as it is part of the family! You will never recoup the cost of a professional restoration by selling the finished car, so it really depends on how much you want to spend! Incidentally, £5,000 sounds cheap for a full body restoration!
  9. Eddie


    Sutton Rebore have most definitely NOT folded. They have just moved to a new workshop which is literally behind where they used to be. They are very near to me and everyone who I know who has used them highly recommends them, so they will be rebuilding my Zodiac engine very soon.
  10. I buy nuts and bolts from Namrick in Brighton. They have an excellent website and next-day delivery. Have also used Spalding Fasteners.
  11. Sorry I can't be of any help but thanks for the link to the pictures. One of the Triumph dealerships had my surname! My Dad bought his first Herald from a dealer at the junction of the A3 Kingston by-pass and A240 Ewell Road, might have been called Tolworth Garages? Does anyone remember it?
  12. So did I, but the acceleration was definitely better with the gearbox that seems to have originally been a Spitfire item.
  13. Having replaced the gearbox on my Herald 13/60 I am repairing the gearbox tunnel before re-fitting it. It has been painted (badly) before but I have managed to remove that paint and I am wondering what would be the best type of paint to use on the tray part of it that is not covered by carpets? All advice gratefully received!
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