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  1. My answers as follows: 1. Yes. It's easier to tighten the nut and compress the olive off the car, plus you can disassemble to check the olive is gripping the pipe properly. 2. Yes, but make sure strands of PTFE tape can't get out of the joint into the cooling system. 3. I've never tried flaring the pipe so can't comment from experience. But it sounds like a good idea. Nigel
  2. +1 That's exactly what I would do. Thermostats don't last forever, they're almost a service item. Nigel
  3. Really sorry to hear of your continuing travails with this job. So much bad luck, things must change for the better soon. Best of luck, I admire your patience. Nigel
  4. Focusing on one car is a sure fire way to make progress. It's great to have multiple classics, but there's never enough 'playtime' to get them all perfect! Nigel
  5. Nigel Clark


    Yep, but even toddlers seem to bed so much more paraphernalia today, it's not just the parents! Nigel
  6. For the exhaust, why not try Chris Witor? He won't sell anything if he's not completely happy with the quality. And assemble it with Mikalor clamps, as has been discussed recently in the Cooling System forum. Nigel
  7. Hi Cliff, Don't know of its just me but I can't open your file and don't recognise the file extension. Would you be able to upload a .jpg image? Nigel
  8. Nigel Clark


    Good to see such excellent French grammar. Merde is indeed a feminine noun! Checking out bad words at the back of the O level French class some decades ago wasn't time wasted. Nigel
  9. How are you getting on Mathew? Hope your car going back together okay. Nigel
  10. Could the pulley have come from another Triumph 6 (several US emission controlled models required ignition timing after top dead centre)? I would expect CP engine crank pulleys to be marked in degrees BTDC, with major marks at 10 & 20 degrees BTDC. These engines usually need 11-12, degrees static advance. If in doubt, I would set TDC accurately through no.1 plug hole, and measure around the pulley as Pete has suggested. Nigel
  11. That looks usable to me. If I was being fussy I'd get it skimmed but don't think it's absolutely necessary. I do hope you still feel the flywheel was worth having. Nigel
  12. Mikalor is also my 'clamp of choice' for exhausts. The design gives even pressure around the circumference, so it's possible to get the joint really tight without deforming the pipe. Nigel
  13. I like and use Mikalor clips but as Nick has said, they do have a short operating range. I still believe in them, as they theoretically exert a more even clamping force around the circumference of the joint. They are also easier when time comes for disassembling, and leaks are a rarity. So plenty of benefits! I've invested in a range of sizes so I can pick the right one for fuel hoses, radiator hoses, heater hoses or whatever. Nigel
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