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  1. Hi just to make sure, I take it this is a tubular exhaust ? it that this is what is referred to a tubular exhaust ?
  2. Brilliant both, I will investigate and let you know what i find, cheers thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Pete, it’s a 1500 1976. SU 4 carbs
  4. Hi Pete, no idea about the needles, the filter was changed by the PO. Is there any way of telling ?
  5. Hi Pete, yep with the filters on, k and n, not the original box, that’s in a box in the garage. Changed by the PO
  6. Snap, here are my cars, brought new in 1985 and changed to Capri in 1986 (you can still see the plastic on the seats from the delivery of the Capri)
  7. Hi Pete, oh, maybe I need a longer run after its warmed up, this was only about 5 miles. I have done the carb lift pin check 1 to 2 mm (approx) and no change in RPM, then all the way up and it stalls (i believe this is correct). Checked with the colour tune, and balance air meter all looks good. Will try again, if it stops raining before Christmas
  8. Wow looks really good, was it the mid 80's, judging by the cars in the background?
  9. Hi All. hope your all well. Been playing with the spitfire again, its been a really rough running until up to temperature, then it's really good. These are the plugs, any ideas anyone?
  10. Its weird how it loads differently if you drag pictures or choose files ?
  11. Hi Just out of interest, why are you taking the windscreen out ?
  12. Did some one say Tahiti blue 84872EC8-A258-40CD-9F6B-585E8F7BDA1E.heic 4474B5E1-2B65-4583-9D6C-314089F5B109.heic 6DFD327F-F73F-4C9E-8EF6-C3E0902BB9E8.heic EA9E7501-0EF3-4594-AEFA-F1520C0F4F4F.heic
  13. Hi Matthew, I did think that gearbox you brought was far too clean, would make me suspicious 😏 have you checked the overdrive? The layshafts look like they have been made by different manufacturing processes, so may be different ratios etc
  14. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I was just wondering if anyone has used www.finneasyu.com ? I was searching for a new spoiler and found this at a very god price, but I am always cautious when something seems too god to be true, can anyone advise ?? https://www.finneasyu.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=256954
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