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  1. Lunch in Burford, 116 mile round trip, chilly start but a glorious day when the sun broke through.
  2. Convertibles not only safer but more adaptable. Stake Out or search for Vampires ! Either way not a bad day to do either... spring is on its way
  3. OUH 874M Not the usual first run out Followed this GT6 on a trailer on the M40 near Beaconsfield. So is it..... New purchase trailering home 😀 Out of winter storage🥶 or Saving fuel🙄 If it was you, let us know what you're up to.
  4. Found the perfect thing to be Stuck Inside with on a Wednesday evening 😉
  5. Possibly a couple of times I agree, but 10 times in 9 years unlikely ? especially as fastidious records of expenditure and servicing down to bulb cost have been kept by the 2nd and 3rd owners...or was that the 12th and 13th...
  6. I have a complete record of ownership of my TR6 from 1983, onwards me being the 4th owner from that time, the previous owner having had the car for 25 years. However the log book suggests it had 10 owners in the first 9 years prior and records 14 owners not 4. I have written to DVLA to question this as it seems highly unlikely that the car would have changed hand every year for 10 years but haven't got very far. I have tried to track down the last owner I have details for, a Mr Slatter of Old Catton Norwich who owned the car prior to 1983 but no joy so far. Regardless she is a keeper and is lavished with too much attention according to the boss !
  7. Phil Hayden


    A 'Dominic Cummings' is now a golfing term. It's a really long drive, that goes way out of bounds, but with no penalty.
  8. Phil Hayden


    So the wife's going to leave you xxxxxx So your other halves going to leave you ?( politically correct) Just pack their bags for around 8 on Thursday.... Then it'll look like the whole streets pleased to see the back of them 😉
  9. Had a run over to Bledlow Ridge yesterday to check out the suspension and brakes after rebuild. Pleased to say all running and stopping well !
  10. Phil Hayden


    GOV.UK Ask a question at the Coronavirus press conference. Submit Your Question? You say we're allowed to play sport with members of the same household but my wife is s**t at foootball and i don't want her on my team. How do I tell Her ?
  11. I have just been renewing my breakdown cover and speaking to the RAC who I have been with for 33 years. The cover I have is Personal Cover -Personal Family cover. Roadside At Home Recovery Onward Travel. This covers up to 3 members of a family at the same address as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. I had been reading through their cover restrictions and could not find anything regarding age of vehicle so as life's too short specifically asked if there was any age restrictions with this cover and both companies confirmed no. Obviously depends on a number of factors I assume location etc.. but for a guide this cover cost £209 for 15 months., same from AA but for 12 months, you have to haggle.😉 European travel cover ...not to be taken at this time about £95 for a year. Waiting for a quote from Peter James - Multi car and breakdown, as I like the sound of the cover they offer particularly in respect to classic cars and cover abroad. Phil
  12. Rob, Similar experience, blocked fuel line ( didn't know that at the time though) called requesting transporter. In Suffolk needed to get back to Buckinghamshire. After 2 hours on a slip road of a major duel carriageway and a long chat with the boys in blue a RAC transit or similar turned up. Towed of to a retail park and told we'll need a transporter ...thought so.... long story short, having had to arrange my own recovery as the RAC didn't have any vehicles in the area.. 13 hours to get home after making the call. However they did offer me 10% discount on renewal.😖
  13. Just did a quote on line...need to call as the car has a few basic modifications. Thanks Phil
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