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  1. Lunch in Burford, 116 mile round trip, chilly start but a glorious day when the sun broke through.
  2. Convertibles not only safer but more adaptable. Stake Out or search for Vampires ! Either way not a bad day to do either... spring is on its way
  3. OUH 874M Not the usual first run out Followed this GT6 on a trailer on the M40 near Beaconsfield. So is it..... New purchase trailering home ๐Ÿ˜€ Out of winter storage๐Ÿฅถ or Saving fuel๐Ÿ™„ If it was you, let us know what you're up to.
  4. Found the perfect thing to be Stuck Inside with on a Wednesday evening ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. Possibly a couple of times I agree, but 10 times in 9 years unlikely ? especially as fastidious records of expenditure and servicing down to bulb cost have been kept by the 2nd and 3rd owners...or was that the 12th and 13th...
  6. I have a complete record of ownership of my TR6 from 1983, onwards me being the 4th owner from that time, the previous owner having had the car for 25 years. However the log book suggests it had 10 owners in the first 9 years prior and records 14 owners not 4. I have written to DVLA to question this as it seems highly unlikely that the car would have changed hand every year for 10 years but haven't got very far. I have tried to track down the last owner I have details for, a Mr Slatter of Old Catton Norwich who owned the car prior to 1983 but no joy so far. Regardless she is a keeper and is lavished with too much attention according to the boss !
  7. Phil Hayden


    A 'Dominic Cummings' is now a golfing term. It's a really long drive, that goes way out of bounds, but with no penalty.
  8. Phil Hayden


    So the wife's going to leave you xxxxxx So your other halves going to leave you ?( politically correct) Just pack their bags for around 8 on Thursday.... Then it'll look like the whole streets pleased to see the back of them ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Had a run over to Bledlow Ridge yesterday to check out the suspension and brakes after rebuild. Pleased to say all running and stopping well !
  10. Phil Hayden


    GOV.UK Ask a question at the Coronavirus press conference. Submit Your Question? You say we're allowed to play sport with members of the same household but my wife is s**t at foootball and i don't want her on my team. How do I tell Her ?
  11. I have just been renewing my breakdown cover and speaking to the RAC who I have been with for 33 years. The cover I have is Personal Cover -Personal Family cover. Roadside At Home Recovery Onward Travel. This covers up to 3 members of a family at the same address as a driver or passenger in any vehicle. I had been reading through their cover restrictions and could not find anything regarding age of vehicle so as life's too short specifically asked if there was any age restrictions with this cover and both companies confirmed no. Obviously depends on a number of factors I assume location etc.. but for a guide this cover cost ยฃ209 for 15 months., same from AA but for 12 months, you have to haggle.๐Ÿ˜‰ European travel cover ...not to be taken at this time about ยฃ95 for a year. Waiting for a quote from Peter James - Multi car and breakdown, as I like the sound of the cover they offer particularly in respect to classic cars and cover abroad. Phil
  12. Rob, Similar experience, blocked fuel line ( didn't know that at the time though) called requesting transporter. In Suffolk needed to get back to Buckinghamshire. After 2 hours on a slip road of a major duel carriageway and a long chat with the boys in blue a RAC transit or similar turned up. Towed of to a retail park and told we'll need a transporter ...thought so.... long story short, having had to arrange my own recovery as the RAC didn't have any vehicles in the area.. 13 hours to get home after making the call. However they did offer me 10% discount on renewal.๐Ÿ˜–
  13. Just did a quote on line...need to call as the car has a few basic modifications. Thanks Phil
  14. Thanks all. I see Footman James advertise in The Courier...Is this associated with Peter James or just coincidence. Phil.
  15. I have had cover with RAC since 1987 but having haggled the last few years an finding the premium is creeping up. I had a chat with one of the Classic car insurers recently that offer breakdown cover as part of the package but I have a multi car policy not due for renewal until October. I need cover for 4 cars including the Triumph ( 3 Drivers) and wonder if anyone has any recommendations / comparisons re RAC, Green Flag etc and experiences when on the continent in their Triumph....You can but hope. Thank Phil.
  16. With too much time on my hands at the moment I thought I'd see if I could fill in the blanks regarding my car's history with your help. The car is a TR6 registration EKV481L, Red ( paint code 17) with black interior. Registered November 1972 Missing History 1972 to 1983 and 1989 - 1993 The car was sold by a Mr Slater of Old Catton Norwich in August 1983 with a milage of 10,300 to a Mr M Band of Great Yarmouth. Mr Band sold the car in July 1989 with a mileage of 25,629 to someone in the Poole area. The car was in Poole between 1989 and 1993 according to MOT records and taken off the road in September 1993. MOT Oct 1992 mileage 29,096. It was recommissioned in 2018 having rested for 25 years with a mileage of 30,127. If anyone has details of the car's history from 72-83 or knows of a Mr Slater of Old Catton Norwich or knows anything about the car in Poole between 1989 and 1993 that would be fantastic. Thanks Phil
  17. Hi Paul, The wheel fitted on the car looks like a TR6 but the grip itself looks a little thin, could be the photo also I cant see a join in the leather at the bottom of the rim. The second one looks more like a TR6 but the spokes have been painted. The centres both look like aftermath replacements. Attached a few pictures of the wheel taken of my 1972 TR6. Hope that helps. I have a wooden Moto-Lita on at the moment but looking to have the leather replaced on the original wheel if anyone has recommendations.
  18. Hi Paul, Thanks for the info. I hadn't been back to the thread for a while but have completed the job using Dinitrol RC900 rust converter and ML cavity wax. I used Aerosols for convenience and found with the extension hose nozzle attachment that I could locate the internal obstructions. They also provide tapered plastic plugs which are very convenient when additional access holes are required ( 10mm drill bit required). Regards Phil
  19. Having had my 6 on axle stands for over a month, the day the wheels went on, well that was the day they came off. Frustrating as it is, just think the time we have to get all those little and perhaps larger jobs completed, by the way whens the next show and shine ? My lawn is starting to look the best it has done in years, however I've been advised that 8.30 am isn't an acceptable time to pull the starter on the lawn mover. Talking of acceptability, I have like many other classic owners have been itching to fire up their first, second or third love ( depending how many children and dogs you have of course) but presently I think cruising down the lanes in your classic is like walking down the high street without a biodegradable shopping bag and a bag of pasta under one arm and a packet of toilet rolls under the other. So lets do our bit,disconnect the battery and enjoy the time we can have in the garage without feeling we are neglecting other aspects of our lives. Lets get our cars ready for when the garage doors are lifted and we can see how much difference all the tinkering we have carried out really makes, that is providing the roads haven't been salted ! Remember personal distancing isn't the length of your bonnet. Stay safe and well. Phil
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    A week without any Sport to watch. Found a lady sitting on my couch.๐Ÿ˜ฎ Apparently she's my wife. She seems nice.๐Ÿ˜‰
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    Anyone want to buy 100 Scotch Eggs and 150 bite size sausage rolls ? I misread the headlines and thought everyone was picnic buying.๐Ÿ˜‰
  22. I'm in the process of doing some rust prevention on the chassis and will be using injecting Dinitro RC900 rust converter into the box sections of the chassis followed by ML cavity wax. While I could poke around with a wire coat hanger to establish where the internal dividers are. Is there a diagram showing the different box sections of the chassis. Thanks Phil.
  23. Thanks Dick, I'll look up the article. Phil
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