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  1. I find that I use a 10thou feeler to slide in and out easily and a 12 thou feeler which won't go gets it right. I have a click adjust but haven't the patience to figure out how to use it!
  2. Changed them this morning I had to swap them side to side to get correct angle seems OK now. Just need to check alignment Thanks Derek
  3. Thanks for confirmation Pete. I keep finding things to sort! By the way what is the rear toe in on a herald? Just been googling and found this on Club Triumph by Pete!! toe in should be around 0 to 3mm max Derek
  4. I have just noticed that the chassis radius arm bracket has the hole to the top, shouldn't the hole be at the bottom? http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID005385 Does it make much difference? Thanks Derek
  5. I thought the strap type prop was fitted to cure the vibrations? If you want to try balancing the prop try Johns two opposing jubilee clips, easiest way is to jack car up level, take rear wheels and brake drums off and place V section stands under the vertical links so the weight is on the suspension. With the front on stands or ramps for stability you can run car in top without leaving the garage (leave door open though) vibration usually happens about 45mph and move clips as required. Derek
  6. Rimmers have this comment and sell the seal http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID008189 Derek
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