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  1. Hi Nigel, Thanks for the advice. As for the ignition timing, I’ve actually converted mine to an electronic system. I think changing the exhaust is something beyond my capabilities so I will get it done at my local Classic car restorer. Thanks Andrew
  2. Thanks for the advice Clive. I’m wanting to switch to a wheel barrow sports exhaust as I prefer the look of it to the single sports or the side twins. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I’m looking to fit a sports exhaust to my GT6. In the past, I have been warned off this from a classic car restorer as “it wasn’t original therefore the engine isn’t designed for it and will impact the running, performance, efficiency and reliability of the engine”. Surely this isn’t true as many GT6s have the sports exhaust. Does the engine require to be set up for a sports exhaust? The car has a stainless steel 6-3-2 manifold. Any tips or advice would be greatly received. Thanks Andrew
  4. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good abrasive metal polish? I has some scratching in some aluminium on my car which I want to remove and it would appear both Mothers polish and 0000 fine steel wool don’t do anything (the steel wool actually seems to cause scratches). Thanks, Andy.
  5. Acole

    GT6 air filter

    Thanks Doug, and here was me thinking this would be a quick customisation to my GT6 to be done during lockdown!
  6. Acole

    GT6 air filter

    Hi, I am looking to replace the original air filter on my GT6 with either pancake filters (Such as K&N filters) or trumpet filters. I was wondering if anyone has any advice which are better and advice which brands to use. The reason for the change are aesthetics and ideally give a nicer sound. Forgive me if this upsets the purists. Thanks, Andy
  7. Hi chaps, thanks for all the comments. I do like the idea of the clip on mirrors but think I prefer the one which do require screwing on the doors. A
  8. Hi, I have recently bought a GT6 which doesn’t have wing mirrors. I plan to fit some but was looking for guidance as to how easy or difficult a job this is to do for someone who has not a lot of mechanical know-how or experience. Thanks A
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend or know of a triumph friendly garage in the highlands (around inverness) for general repairs etc? Thanks Andrew
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