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  1. All of the tools I looked at for inserting those bullets seemed flimsy and overpriced. My solution was to do a slight mod to a pair of "channel lock" type pliers. Ed
  2. I found that the replacement pins were all slightly oversized, which might be OK, since some of the wear is to the bore. The bores will still likely need drilling and/or reaming. If the bores are too big, you can sleeve them. Boring TR6 hinges: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-62/TR6-62.html Sleeving GT6 hinges: http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-40/GT6-40.html Ed
  3. It's not easy to find good information on this, but here is some pure speculation: The Four wire may have an explicit ground wire, while the two wire uses the case for the ground connection. There are two ways for the regulator to sense the system voltage. In "remote sense", there is an explicit wire that connects directly to the battery. In "machine sense", the regulator senses battery voltage from the same wire that charges the battery. This might be hogwash. Ed
  4. You could consider Italian-made Spal fans: http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-58/GT6-58.html Ed
  5. This is a useful table for comparing plastics properties. Ignoring the engineering ("designer") plastics, and focusing on some of the more common plastics for this application, Delrin acetal is designated as POM H, Nylons as PA, UHMWPE as UMHW, Teflon as PTFE. The most important properties would be Compressive Strength (higher is better) and Coefficient of Friction (lower is better). For example, PTFE (Teflon) is very slippery, but also very weak in compression. The table doesn't seem to include fortified plastics, like Nylatron, which I believe is just a Nylon infused with Molybdenum disulfide to reduce friction, which would seem to make it a good candidate. https://precisionpunch.com/wp-content/pdf/PropertyComparisonChart.pdf
  6. They were home made: http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-8/GT6-8.html Ed
  7. I used Delrin (Acetal). It is almost as slippery as PTFE, but has much higher compressive strength. Ed
  8. Signs like that are a thing. This is on my office wall. Ed
  9. New stainless tube in a TR6 manifold: http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-16/TR6-16.html Ed
  10. Colin-- I didn't keep meticulous records beyond what's on my page, but I'm sure that all mounting points had at least one pad. Ed
  11. This is a common confusion. All the suppliers disagree. See if this helps. It's for a GT6, but it should be similar. Actual body mounting starts about halfway down the page. http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-42/GT6-42.html Ed
  12. One popular home brew penetrant is just ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) mixed with some combination of acetone, kerosene, and/or mineral spirits. If mild anti rust properties are needed, lanolin is sometimes added. Ed
  13. ed.h

    rotisserie jig

    Tom-- If you are planning a rotisserie restoration, you presumably have some welding skills. Have you considered building a rotisserie? Ed
  14. Thanks, Peter. No grease nipple, but plenty of anti-seize. Ed
  15. You may have to resort to drilling. The radius arm bolt is trickier because It's pretty long. http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-9/GT6-9.html Ed
  16. ed.h

    New Toy - Endoscope

    After claaning my TR6 fuel tank:
  17. Here in the US, the MSRP of a new TR6 in 1974 in current dollars is around $25K, about what a very good one will sell for today. I expect there is a similar relationship for the TR4. It compares pretty well with the cost of a new Miata. In that sense, the LBCs have essentially held their value. If you get much more than that invested in it, you are top heavy. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since the motivation for owning these cars is often not a fiscal one. Ed
  18. Couple of thoughts on buying a rebuild "kit". You probably wont know the brand or quality of the bearings. A good rebuild includes shims with thickness determined by a measurement process. Unless they include a wide range of shims, you may still have to find the right ones. You might be better off buying needed parts individually. Ed
  19. Yeah, I think the camera was a little tilted. Ed
  20. Yes, as mentioned in the article, the flywheel and clutch are just mounted temporarily so they don't wander off. No disc or pilot bush yet. Ed
  21. I was surprised how light the GT6 flywheel was, compared to the TR6. I took off a couple more pounds anyway. http://bullfire.net/GT6/GT6-61/GT6-61.html Ed
  22. Soldering stainless is not easy. It does take the right materials as mentioned, but some skill, too. An inexperienced solderer will struggle, and likely make a mess. Ed
  23. Best way to ensure a hose stays on a tube is a "bead" on the tube. I addad this bead to my new intake manifold coolant pipe using a modified pair of "lineman" pliers. Ed
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