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  1. Hi, I am in the process of rebuilding the bulkhead on my vitesse. The windscreen pillars had holes in so i removed/drilled out the old drip rails and replaced the steel behind with a new section from top to bottom. Now the drip rails were also rotten so i wondered if a: i needed them as it would be better to paint without, b: replacements were available or to repaint without and then replace with a plastic or chrome type drip rail that I see is fitted to my mg which are pop riveted on? I presume everybody rebuilding bulkheads must come up against the same problem? thanks Robert
  2. There you have it, the new spring (at the back) was made in Sheffield and has a 4” different unsprung height. I hope one of my better buys and looks like it will stop the excessive wheel camber!
  3. Thank you all for this, I had been trying to find some information on spring dimensions for ages with no success. It is the correct spring I believe and some of the dimensions seem to tally, no lowering block. However when I split the spring to clean it and there is a fair bit of wear on the leafs where they rub on the ends, also when I put the rear suspension back together there is a lot of slop in the bushes etc so I am going to bite the bullet and buy a new one whilst it is still a 10 minute job to change. Back to my local supplier to complain about the new rear flexible brake pipes being too short and supplying the wrong bushes for the radius arms!
  4. Do you know if I can find any measurements anywhere to find out if it has sagged. Due to shopping restrictions I was not allowed to get a spring out and compare at my local Triumph spares shop! The shock absorbers have been changed to Spax at some point. I cant think how anybody has a back strong enough to endure 700 miles in a weekend in a Vitesse.
  5. Hi, just wondered if anybody could give me a little advise on the rear suspension on my MK1 Vitesse. On a bumpy road with children in the back seats the standard rear wheels rubbed on the inner rear wheel arches. I am currently undertaking a full restoration and at a point where I am rebuilding the chassis. I wondered If I should replace the rear leaf spring as this would have been the cause of the wheels rubbing / terrible camber or if this is normal, I only ask as they are not cheap?
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