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  1. I don't understand this. Is this the right lamp for the inner light. As you will notice the bulb has one prong. Should it not have two ? like the sealed unit I've taken out. Anyway it doesn't work and when I put the sealed unit back in, it works. .....Neil
  2. Thanks for your comments gents. The driver's seat's o.k apart from being hard to move backwards and forwards. There were packing washers missing when I removed it and I've learnt on this forum something could be distorted. I've reached the point now where she needs roadtesting. I'll see what the M.O.T. guy sez. ( he's just around the corner ) about the turret. He's a similar age to me ( old ) . Hopefully he will have some empathy. In fact, he has an interesting collection of old cars on his forecourt. ........Neil
  3. 1970 Vitesse CV, Hi all, I'm having a frustrating time re-fitting the seat runners The front bolts are ok. The holes in the turrets have been enlarged. Looks like a previous owner has had problems with the captive nuts. Apart from the holes the turrets are sound. What about drilling through the floor ? ....Neil
  4. Hi, Yes the light comes on when I flick the switch. It's wired into the feed to the solenoid. I get your point about 'switch on' and not ' valve open' . A simple thing , what a catastrophe ! ....Neil
  5. Hi all, We have ' idiot ' light working. Solenoid arm correctly adjusted when energised with holes aligned using 3/8 drill . Oil is topped up with GL4 oil. Car is secured on axle stands ( I know this is not recommended, but, I don't want to risk taking it out at this point ). I've taken it up to 4000 revs in 3rd and 4th gears and repeatedly flicked the switch to no effect. There are no strange noises. I'll check and clean the operating valve. What's best to clean it with ? The car has not been on the road for some 5 years so there must be a strong possibility that something is stuck in the O/D box. It's suggested this may free off in time. Not sure what to do now. One option is to have it inspected to M.O.T. standard . At least then I could take it somewhere to have it looked at if necessary. Thanks for your advice gents. Couldn't have got this far without it. ......Neil
  6. Your right mjit, the driveshafts were resting on the rails. She has to come off the stands and out of the garage. Regarding the idiot light, I know I have to tap in to the sol. wire, but what do I need ? , connectors, wire , bulb and holder ? Getting there.....Neil
  7. Thanks for your help fellas, Yes bulb/buzzer, idea, for me, is a good one. As advised I put in a 10amp fuse. It's a stalk switch on the steering column. I'll let you know how I get on . ....Neil
  8. Hi all, After some effort I now have the OD solenoid working. The car is secure on axle stands. Can I test the operation of the O/D gearbox in situ ? I have changed the oil, but, need to be sure it's at the correct level. Is there a recommended way ?Finally what would you recommend to protect the wires. I've seen various stuff advertised. .....Neil
  9. Hi all...An auto electrician looked at the wiring on PPP, but, he's away now. Anyway , looking at how he's left the wires it doesn't look too difficult. This was before I fitted the solenoid. It may be obvious to most, but, the yellow wire that's cut needs to be connected to the one next to it with the spade connector ?Would I use bullet connectors ?You'll notice the new relay . I'll post pics of the other wires down to the sol etc later. Thanks...Neil
  10. Hi all..Can I appeal for some help please. It's basic wiring for the O/D solenoid. I have a new relay, wiring loom and I've amazed myself by fitting a new solenoid. With the help of Pete Lewis with the 2 page guide. I have power from ignition and battery to the relay. I dare not try and wire it myself. It's on axle stands and the engine will start and I have a pit which I don't think will be needed. I've been let down twice. It's very frustrating. I'm at Shepshed in Leicestershire. ......Neil
  11. Hi all..Thanks for your help gents so far. With the old O/D solenoid in a chorroded state I've have a new one from Moss. Incidentally the two screws have been replaced by bolts. I've not fitted the solenoid yet. As far as I can see there is no power to the solenoid wire from the relay. I'm getting normal volts from the fusebox and ignition. I have the cover off the relay and its chorroded but the points are closing ok. I've cleaned everything up. Still no power to the sol wire. Will the stork or inhibitor switch affect this ? The sol wire will be replaced. What amps would I need for wire and fuse ?... Regards Neil
  12. Hi all...More about the Overdrive solenoid on my 1970 Vitesse. Yes the ' dodgy ' wire from the crimp to the solenoid is of a smaller guage than the Y/P wire from the relay. It's not a problem with removing the lower screw on the sol. because it's not there ! The top screw was not loose but certainly not tight. I noticed a very slight movement on the solenoid itself . I'm going to replace it. I've managed to borrow a pump to clear the water in the pit. I'll have a go with the dreaded screw and see what happens. Where's the solenoid earth ? I started not much further than scratch here you understand... Regards. Neil
  13. Thanks for your help Colin. Looks like I need a sender. My attention is on the O/D for the moment. With the help I've just read on this forum I should be able to move forward a bit. .....Neil
  14. Once again thank you gents. Some learning curve this is ! Ah some good news, accidentally caught the O/S indicator and it's working ! ....Neil
  15. The time had come to have a look at the O/D . To the best of my memory it was working, next day it wasn't. No unhealthy noises and no slip in reverse. As advised by Canley, I took the plate off to look at the solenoid arm, started her up ( she's on axle stands ) put her in 3rd and tried the lever switch on the column. No movement at all. With the engine off and in 3 and moving the switch I can hear a faintish clicking which seems to be coming from the battery area. If you look at the pic. Showing my inexperience , is the the O/D engaged ? If it is , does this mean I'm best not to reverse the car ?
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