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  1. Thanks guys, I hadn’t planned to change internals as the 3 rail is pretty good, just wanted/hoped to be able to bolt the OD on the 3 rail and hopefully the main shaft splines might be the same. But it sounds like there may be some tricky bits to deal with. I’ll have a look in a few weeks when I take it out. no doubt further questions to come. 😬 Thanks hag
  2. Hi guys/girls, about to do an engine rebuild on late vitesse 1600, as it’s all coming out thought I might look at gearbox too. It currently has a single rail gearbox with d type overdrive, makes lots of whirring/whining in 1,2&3 gears, but works fine. Now I have a pretty good 3 rail gearbox I took out of a late vitesse 2.0. The 3 rail in my Gt6 seems much more robust than the single rail. so question is, how easy is it to swap between the two? I would hope to put the overdrive on the 3 rail. Assuming shaft splines and bell housing are the all the same? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks hag
  3. Thanks guys. I’ve measured the inside diameter thread as 1/2”, Colin your one looks good, if it’s 1/2” let me know what you want for it. thanks hag
  4. Hello, anyone got a reasonable condition Fan switch bezel for a Gt6 mk1 they could spare, it’s one of the chrome rings with about 5 dents around the outside that screws the switch to the dashboard. thanks hag
  5. https://www.revotec.com/acatalog/Electronic-Fan-Controller-Threaded-Fitting.html had one of these fitted for about two years and it’s now failed. I’ve put a standard fan on, and it runs much better. Just need a radiator cowl now. hag
  6. I just did the rear seal on my gt6 last weekend, used a price of angle iron about a foot long with two holes drilled in it and the floor rails as a stop, to get it off and torque up. Lathe cut a 24mm bit of scaffold pole and pushed it on with the flange to get it parallel in the housing and hey presto. I decided to undo the engine mounts and rear gearbox mounts and jack the gearbox up from underneath, seemed to work a treat and plenty of access, gearbox cover definitely needs to come out though and best tackled from on top as said previously. Just make sure the seal goes in flat (scaff tube helped me) good luck. Hag
  7. Thanks dick and rulloyd, glad to hear dick has the indented wedge, that gives me some confidence I have the right one fitted. I saw those diagrams on the canley website so thought I possibly had the wrong one. I’ll get re-covering then. thanks hag
  8. Hello again. Can anyone confirm if all dash top ( crash pads’) are the same? What I’m looking to find out if the one I have is correct for the car, I have a Gt6 mk1 with a recess around the ashtray, but from pictures I’ve seen that’s a later spitfire one, there are various part nos just no idea what I’ve got, are they all interchangeable? On the one I’ve removed the air vents didn’t line up with the slots, so couldn’t get anything delisting out of it, and the ashtray is in like a chisel indent🤷‍♂️ thanks again hag
  9. I decided mine was too rusty to try and get off, it works, more like fart than a fan but better than nothing. hag
  10. I agree with Pete, I seemed to have acquired deep pockets on this occasion, not sure what came over me, I think it was lockdown boredom. Most people just carry a spare set of points in their emergency pack I’ve got to carry a whole distributor around with me. Whatever you choose, carry a spare setup. I always thought electronic ignition was fit and forget, but that’s not the case, they can go wrong like anything else. hag
  11. Thanks Colin, a little beyond me I think, but might have ho if I can get one cheap. hag
  12. Hi guys, seeing if anyone has done the micra fan conversion on a Gt6 mk1? , I thought there was a very thorough article in the courier sometime back with a herald/vitesse heater but can’t find the issue. thanks hag
  13. Bought mine direct from 123, but it was before brexit, only just got around to fitting. It’s all done on your smart phone/ tablet, really simple to use, does take some research though. They will pre-program a curve to match your dizzy, which was a good place to start. hag
  14. I’ve just fitted the 123 programmable on my Gt6 mk1, had a long term problem with my lumenition unit, and a very worn distributor, couldn’t find a single curve (there were so many to compare) to put directly in, asked on here, searched the internet, eventually I got 123 to install a curve based on the Lucas number, it was rubbish and didn’t work, but I have tweaked it myself and she runs sweeter than ever, these are my curves, not been to a rolling road yet, but planning to do so in the future. Had no idea on the MAP, so went with 123 pre-programmed. I think the cost for the 123, the tacho conversion and rolling road will be more than I expected, but I did cure my problem. I now have an immobiliser and a very steady tacho and I lost a tacho cable from my crowded bulk head. if by any chance someone does have the 123 curves for a 2000cc post rolling road please show so I can compare. good luck choosing - hag
  15. Thanks Pete, just getting all the bits ready for the rebuild. It’s got a copper head gasket on it at the moment. hag
  16. Thanks Pete, so what parts do you need to seal? do you put a little everywhere, or just around the bores and on both sides? is heldite any good? thanks hag
  17. Hi folks. Just wondering what my options are for head gaskets on a 1600 rebuild, assuming there aren’t Payen available?. Is it just the thin metal ones? And if so do you need to use a sealant with this type of gasket? thanks as always. hag
  18. Thanks guys. Wow, £1000 for roller rockers, that’s crazy. I’m gonna go for the uprated items I think. Thanks for all your help. hag
  19. Hi all, just looking around to see about replacing my rocker shaft and arms, and I noticed Rimmers do an uprated shaft and rockers that are bushed and need honing to fit, anyone have any experience of them? Any good? I did once see some orange roller rocker arms for modified engines, I think jigsaw used to sell them, anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Just weighing up my options. thanks hag
  20. John D, you bet I looked at your curve, good to see some crank advance figures rather than centrifugal, as that’s what the 123 uses, very useful to compare to all other data I’ve gathered. And thanks Pete for the vacuum data, I’ve searched the internet for them, hopefully I can translate them into something I can get the 123 to understand. It’s all new to me. thanks again hag
  21. Thanks for all your help guys, I’ve set up my 123 dizzy and runs awful, gonna try some tweaking, any idea of vacuum data/curve for a 22D? thanks hag
  22. Hi folks, can anyone supply me with advance curve data for a vitesse mk2, running Lucas distributor please. And if there is anyone running a 123 tune + dizzy on their late vitesse or Gt6 that might also supply their curve data, that would be greatly appreciated. thanks Hag
  23. Thanks Nick, kind of what I thought really, I don't really know what I'm doing, but will no doubt learn the hard way, just looking for reliability and as good as it gets for a standard cam engine. The Tune+ version has an immobilizer built in that you can use with your phone, thought that was a very good idea for security. Just got to work out the funds now, with converting the speedo and getting the standard curve installed by 123, its coming in at around £550.00, is it really worth it??? 🤔 Thanks Hag
  24. Hi, just been to check engine no & dizzy number, Engine no: HC577?2HE dizzy no: 41305B, 18-70. Does anyone know if they are a match? thanks hag
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