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  1. Hi Pete, Just make sure it's not the middle two cylinders you cut out ... 😁
  2. Hi Ben, Thanks very much. I've sent you a message, as requested. Regards, Anthony
  3. Hi all, Thanks for your efforts to find one and your suggestions. I will take a look at the later types with a view to possibly modifying one. If all else fails, there's always buying one, so I won't be stuck. (That said, I ran her for years without knowing one was missing, so it can't be that essential ...)
  4. Thanks again. At least I can get one from Rimmers if I need to. If you enjoy mowing the lawn, you're welcome to come and do ours - the guinea pigs aren't keeping up ...!
  5. Many thanks! 😁 (It comes to something that it takes a Coronavirus Lockdown to persuade me to polish/ paint the manifolds on a car I've owned for 25 years ... it's either that or mow the lawn ... 😖)
  6. Just thought of another way to get a picture! It's basically a thick 3/8 washer with rounded sides to allow the bolt to rotate to align with the head.
  7. Hi all, While preparing to take the inlet manifold off my '64 Vitesse 1600 (Solex carbs), I found that one of the clamps was missing a spherical washer (Part no 119324). Rimmers have one listed but, at £7.32, it's a bit steep, unless it's my only option. Does anybody have one they would be prepared to sell me, please?
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