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  1. i tried them at the start of my search and they were of no use unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion
  2. Hi Stephen. Unfortunately in my search for a shell I have got no-where. I located a fairly trashed gt6 mk3 shell for 500+, i did arrange to purchase a mk2 shell which had been cut in half for about £350 but seller ended up pulling out when they found a logbook to pair with it which was particularly annoying. Im planning on making a few visits once the whole corona thing has chilled off. Been suggested one or two places which are worth a try. Im all out on doors, my donor car had the top halfs of the doors, the lower halfs missing in their entirity lol Thankfully managed to secure two from a write off car last year.
  3. Received an email back from Spitfire graveyard, unfortunately they dont have one in currently. Any other suggestions for places to try?
  4. It's not too bad at all, some dodgy repair work which is slowly being rectified but for the most part it's sound.
  5. It's quite good really for its age. A decent amount of previous repair work has gone on (some quite badly and in need of replacement hence the gaffa tape and hole in the front left wing) but for the most part it's pretty good
  6. I had scheduled to purchase one from a mutual contact for £350 needed new floors and sills, unfortunately that's no longer going ahead as he has found a logbook and had decided to build the car up. They are out there but I suspect it's just going to be a case of waiting for a while until one pops up
  7. Alrighty, ive already sent en email to spitfire graveyard but will look into chic douig. Cheers
  8. It's pretty bad. The rear lights are now closer to the bottom of the wheels than anything else and the front of the bulkhead slightly warled. The shell itself was fairly rotten when I started and still is, still needs new floors, sills etc. Two inner wings panels and outer wings cost more than I have spent on it so far, although not original I think it will be far more cost effective to find another tub.
  9. Hi folks, my Dolly 1500HL reg NWP948T has three stickers in the back window TSSC member 2012-2014. I bought the car in August and was wondering if anyone on here might recognise it through previous ownership? Cheers
  10. Hi, been a TSSC member since January but only now have investigated the forum so thought I would "introduce myself" so to speak seeing as there is a category for it Im an 18 year old student studying mechanics at college with a love for Triumphs only discovered at the start of 2019. I ended up seeing some spitfires on the motorway early last year, thought they looked quite nice and with some pursuasive words with my parents they reluctantly agreed to fund the purchase of a 71 spitfire. Needless to say it all went down there in that since then i have aqquired two more spitfires ( one in paper and tub form), a 2000 mk2 in collab with my father and a dolomite I now daily drive. My "spitfire" is a work in progress, its going to end up less spitfire more gt6 in that my tub was backed into a trashed and its got a gt6 mk2 bonnet and 2.0 engine. Currently searching for a Gt6 Mk2 tub to rebuild from. My Rust-it brown dolly is my daily driver, not the bets of nicks and a little iffy in some places but gets me from A to B. 2000 mk2 is going to end up with a v8 in it for my dad and the second mk3 spit i bought in january and was so rotten it was like tissue paper. Needless to say im going to be around for the long run seeing as with limited cash income my projects arent going anywhere anytime soon. Look forward to using the forum more in the future. See you around!
  11. Hi, never used the forum before but seeing my current situation nows a good time to start! Im in search of an early mark Gt6 tub, the worse condition the better in the respect that I will be more able to afford it! My project car was backed into whilst in storage over the winter, a spitfire mk3 with 2.0 engine and gt6 bonnet. the tub is completely bent and so i need a new tub. Would love to find a Gt6 tub as its the only chance Im going to get at being able to build my dream car for the forseable future. Im based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, the closer the better but can get someone to collect dependant upon price and range. Thanks in advance for any responses, im not expecting much as obviously there is far from an abundance of them about but i thought i would give it a go as I dont have much of a choice. Thanks again
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