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  1. Thanks Pete. Really informative. It's a shame there isn't a unit that you can charge which then acts as a cordless trickle charger, then going up as you say every month when rolling it taking the charger home and recharging that. Guess it's a perfect solution to a seldom problem such as mine. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Gav. Super handy to know.
  3. Thanks David. I think that may be my best option and put it on a trickle charger at home instead when I suspect it will be say for a while. I saw a previous thread that intimated 063 batteries are the preferred type. My current battery has no markings on it whatsoever (unless on the bottom). Was looking at the Lion (cheap ans cheerful I suspect) - https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/lion-063-car-battery-3-year-guarantee-444770631 And the Bosch (which I suspect will perform better, hold charge longer etc) - https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/bosch-s4-car-battery-063-4-year-guarantee-444770637 Both batteries on the smaller capacity so when using more frequently I can be happy that the shortish runs i do are keeping it topped up.
  4. Morning all, I committed a cardinal sin, as a newbie classic owner, I failed to look after my battery. I came to my GT6 after many months if it being cooped up in the garage (no electric supply) without being taken on a run to find it was as dead as a dodo.. not a thing on a turn of the key. Then it got me thinking, what is the best way to look after your battery from your opinions? I now need to replace my battery. I have always been a fan of the big brands, Bosch etc. On other threads there are difference of opinion on size. I have a MK3 GT6 if this makes any difference. In the good weather I get out in it plenty but then it can sit a while. I tend to do hour long runs when out and about so should be good enough to keep a small battery charged up but then a large battery would hold a charge longer.. decisions decisions. What chargers / conditioners are recommended bearing in mind I can't charge the battery in trickle whilst it's in the garage? Thanks all and it really is great to be thinking of getting out in the car again! Ben
  5. So i have checked this out. Got the right socket for the bolts but there is nowhere near sufficient room underneath for me to get the torque wrench in over the top Best case scenario is loosening the screw, moving column and retorquing that to the right load.
  6. Thanks all. Super helpful so far, hopefully am getting there. I found the impact clamp and can confirm there is movement when pushing forward and pulling back the inner column from the area of the splines/where sat the steering wheel. Just so I get this right to stop any future impaling or otherwise near death experience. I have attached a photo. Which bolts should or shouldn't I mess with? I am guessing the socket screw stops any movement of the inner column so guessing not tight enough?
  7. Cheers Dan. I haven't undone any clamps yet and the outer also moves forwards and backward so seems that needs tightening too. I'm still confused after loosening the impact clamp and pulling out the inner how I could possibly get in there to retorque to the right setting 🤨
  8. So after looking in manual I have found it. Its in such a tight space. How am I meant to be able to retorque them in such a small gap. I can do the bottom nut but the allen screws would be near impossible. Should I be able to move the upper column as normal anyway as per the pics?.. i can literally do it by hand (with ignition on)
  9. Hi Nigel, That makes sense. Now to find the impact clamp 😅. Thanks for the advice!
  10. I also didnt realise that the centre column could move backwards and forwards into its housing. Unfortunately it cannot move towards me enough to still stop the two surfaces fouling.
  11. Sooo. I decided to change the steering wheel in my GT6. Before assembly I made sure with the seller and Springalex that the boss was the correct model. I am now thinking it isn't. So I fit the boss and it seems to sit perfectly flush with the steering column rim and fouls it meaning that i have metal on metal rubbing each other. The original boss sits 'inside' the column and is rubber backed. It appears that the new boss raised centre doesnt clear the outside of the colums edge enough for them to not meet. Anyone come across this before? Is there anyway I can pack it out to stop it fouling.
  12. Just a quick update. Falken SN832s ordered and fitting on Wednesday 👍🏼 Thanks all for the advice and guidance.
  13. Just got home and they are definitely the 4.5 rims
  14. Very nice Nick! I will have to look to see what size rims are on it then when home.
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