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  1. quick update; I put 100 odd miles on it then the throttle return spring gave up!?. Twisted it back on so it worked enough to drive home only to discover the custom bracket that holds the new crank sensor worked loose so I spent an hour stranded roadside until i found the problem... Grrrr Until then i'd say its definitely a worthwhile conversion. The car pulls really well, revs cleanly and sounds a little deeper. Easily keeps up with traffic and seemed quite happy even overtaking everything on a dual carriageway. Not sure when i'm going to chance to look at the sensor and find out why its come loose but looking forward to just being able to use it over the summer once thats sorted Thanks again for all your input
  2. Yippee. Who said wiggle the fuses? Genius! Been bugging me all day so headed to the Unit for an hour; Took them out, put them back in and hey presto! How weird is that?! thank you chaps, 9.30pm now so too late to head out in it but sundays looking like a proper Father’s Day now....as in I’m gonna be out playing all day 🤣👍
  3. So as the rain cleared I sneaked off to my Unit to have a first drive this afternoon and found there’s no brake lights, no indicators and no wipers. FFS!! No idea what’s happened and wiring is not my strong suit so having to call in an auto spark next week....disappointing but typically mirrors most of my experiences of putting projects out; 1 job sorted but 3 more created.
  4. Me221 ECU was mentioned on the quote. Looks like I’ve got a fair bit of cable tidying to do going by your engine bay 😀
  5. Yes I’m definitely not planning anything until I’ve driven it. These were pics they sent last week showing initial install. I’ll take and post some better ones once it’s back home.
  6. really grainy pic RR guy sent me. Not sure why it stops at +/- 5800 but Ive a number of questions to ask when i get to pick it up so I can decide on what to do next...
  7. Theres not been anything done to the head in terms of compression or porting - maybe thats worth a look. It has a [arguably too loud] 'sports' exhaust with tubular steel manifold. The RR guy has suggested that the cam timing may be out a little or it could have been deliberately adjusted to give more torque? Its all witchcraft to me so i dont quite understand that or how that would make a difference. I'm intrigued by the restricted gas flow suggestion; how would that manifest and what the solution - is that the porting / raising compression? thanks all
  8. Thats great guys thank you. The more i think about it I dont suppose that Ive done much beyond the cam that would really increase HP, and certainly not by 30+%. I guess i just got that nice round 100 number stuck in my head There seems to be a general lack of printed results for these engines so I'll try and get a print-out and publish it for future reference too....although interestingly the rolling road guy did suggest if i took it to a.n.other place he knows not too far away their equipment would probably show an extra 10-15hp. Theres nothing simple anymore! Mines running 50mm trumpets [for clearance] - they did do a run with 90mm trumpets and that gave 82hp I'm collecting the car thursday so hopefully I'll get some miles in friday / saturday and can offer some feedback on the actual driving experience... thanks again
  9. Hi all, This is part me thinking out loud and part me being inquisitive but I'd appreciated your thoughts... I've a '67 Mk3 Spitfire which I've been slowly doing up over the last 24 months or so. Its got a rebuilt GE 1300 engine with a fast road cam. I've just had it converted to Efi - as in literally just and as I write I've not yet picked it up but the tuning co have rung through the rolling road figures.... Before i tell you the results I ought put my thoughts in perspective; I'm not building a race car but rather I want a quick, fun road car and I occasionally think doing the odd hill climb might be a great way to spend a day out. There seems to be a lot of internet talk of 100bhp 1300's being but an afternoons work, so with that figure in my mind I got busy. So my engine spec is; GE small crank engine , plus 20 pistons, minus 10 big ends and mains tri metal bearings, pistons and rods balanced, New timing chain, tensioner oil seals gaskets , uprated oil pressure release valve. new swept back oil pump, lightened flywheel (approx 5 kg ), TH5 fast road cam with new followers, big valve head with competition high lift twin valve springs lightweight alloy caps. I'm pretty sure converting to Efi was never going to increase the hp, but I cant decide if i'm disappointed or If i'm looking at a piece of paper rather than waiting and feeling through the seat of my pants; 80bhp and 95lbsft @ 5100.... at the flywheel. i'm no expert but wikipedia suggests the car would have left the factory with 75bhp and 75 lb-ft @ 4000rpm [albeit 53 years ago], so my mods seem to have given me 10bhp and 20 lb-ft.....but then look again and thats bhp +12% and torque +28% assuming triumphs figures were also quoted at the flywheel. Thinking out loud, those percentages dont actually seem too bad and doing the same calculation to get to 100hp would mean an increase of over 33%; I'm reasonably sure the internals could take 100hp but to get there would seem to be significantly more than the proverbial afternoons work? So am i looking at a glass half full or is something not seeming quite right with my engine? Many thanks
  10. Oh wow. That looks so nice!! Yes that plate is what I’d imagined. So have you simply removed the distributor and bolted a plate over the hole or is there some element of the distributor shaft still in there? thank you
  11. thanks for the heads up. I'll look into that further
  12. Hi all, I'm converting my MK3 1300 to EFi with coil pack so rather than reinventing the wheel I'm wondering if anyone has a distributor blanking plate/plug? Thanks
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