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  1. This is my final solution, don't want to dislodge the headlining unless I have to, got tottery and thread the remaining bolt length and leave inset, failing that I'll pursue your option, thanks
  2. One of the captive nuts in the front edge of my hardtop has come loose meaning that the fixing bolt won't tighten up, has any one experience of peeling back the headlining to access the captive nut and lock it back in place? Worst case scenario cutting off existing captive nut cage and welding a new one in place without damaging existing painted finish.
  3. Sorry, MKIV Spitfire, currently fitted with Fibreglass front quarter panels hence the wired earth, what are your thoughts with my symptoms?
  4. Hi, I seem to have a bad earth in the light / indicator circuit, lights and indicators all work fine when operated separately but if I use the indicators with the lights on all 4 indicator lamps flash, the side that is flashing when it shouldn't does have a weaker light output. I have checked / replaced all the earthing connections from the indicator / side light units, replaced the indicator /side light units for new ones, replaced the immediate earthing connector in the loom. Where willI I find the main earthing point for the indicator /side lights? I have not done any investigation with the wiring on the rear units. I do not have a hazard flasher unit so the fault is not from there Thanks
  5. MJH2454

    Tulip Rallies

    I'm afraid the old way is just that! and very longwinded, I'm looking to be able to use modern technology to make life a lot simpler and quicker, I have stuck it out with Rally Navigator and have managed to work out the detail of how it works and it produces very good detailed tulip maps, albeit with an American slant!!
  6. MJH2454

    Tulip Rallies

    I had a look at this but it seems it only gives you the templates, you still have to do the hard work on the road. Rally Navigator seems to do what I'm looking for i.e. map a route and the tulip road book is created automatically, but I'm finding the software a bit clunky, or is it me?
  7. MJH2454

    Tulip Rallies

    Is there a software package where you can plot a route and print out the Tulip Rally symbols to match. I'm thinking something similar to the mapping packages cyclist use such as Ride with GPS and Strava Thanks
  8. Thanks for your comments guys, all sorted now and as one of the comments received suggested, it was a faulty fuse box, nice new modern fuse box fitted hidden inside the glove box and original fuse box left on display
  9. No the LED's were working at first and I bought them from Classic Car LED's so they should be good
  10. This is where I think I'm going, i.e. a problem with the fuse box, the blades do seem to be a bit loose and flop around a bit. When I was doing this, I changed the dash lighting bulbs for LED's and after installing them I checked that all was OK, it was, then just before I was going to put the dash panels back in, a few days later, I tried the lights again and this time I thought they flashed on before going pop with an audible noise, investigated the fuses and the middle one had gone, changed all the fuses just in case and this is where I am at the moment.
  11. Thanks Colin, I'm pretty sure that I have not connected anything up wrongly as I took photographs of every thing I disconnected in order to make sure that I connected everything back up as it was.
  12. Hi Guys, got what on the face of it is an odd one, Triumph Spitfire MKIV no side lights, no fuel or water temp gauge reading, no brake lights. no horn and no indicators, however I do have head lights both beams but no headlamp flash mode, I also have wipers and heater motor. According to Hanes the top fuse not only controls the Heater and Wipers which I have but also controls the fuel and water temperature which I don't have? Middle Fuse controls front and rear side lights which I don't have Bottom fuse protects the Horn and headlamp flasher which I don't have I have replaced all the fuses with new ones, I've also tried a new light switch which made no difference I have been taking out the dashboard and instruments to refurbish the dials with new glass and bezels so something went wrong during this process, I have checked all the wiring visually and can't see any breaks or loose wires also re did all the earth connections I could find. Car starts and drives fine Advice and suggestions greatfully received also if any one can recommend a decent auto electrician / Triumph guy in the Rutland/Leicestershire area that would be fantastic.
  13. Got the little bugger in at last so all sorted, thanks for the advice and tips
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