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    Triumph GT6 Mk3 1973

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Several of the students I shared a house with at uni in 1971 owned Spitfires so I used to be a regular passenger and help them work on the cars. I then shared a house in 1974 with a guy who had a GT6 and we used to commute in it. He was always complaining that the engine was running roughly because the carbs weren't balanced. 🙁

I then owned (or at least my then girlfriend did) a Spitfire 1500 in the mid-1980's but it didn't seem as exciting as the GT6 and certainly didn't sound the same.

I currently own an XK8 convertible which I bought 20 years ago and my wife owns an MX5-RF. We also have a sensible car or two!

I have spent the last 6 years since I retired successfully restoring two Series Land Rovers but sold those a few weeks ago and decided to work on something a little more exciting and also try and recapture a little of my youth, and hence the GT6. 🙂

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