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  1. Gear lever refurb kit purchased from James Paddock and fitted and gear changing has never been better. The bottom nylon bush had completely disintegrated ....... The only tricky part was refitting the circlip which retains the smaller spring, three times it had to be refitted as it kept slipping out of the groove in use but in the end I fitted a new one with a squarer profile and now all seems well😄
  2. So fuel pressure gauge arrived and I tested the pump - just under 3psi. A little more than the recommended max of 2.5 but would this be enough to cause overflow? As Sod’s law would have it, the carbs are behaving themselves at the moment but likely to play up when least needed such as when waiting at the lights......
  3. Have ordered a fuel pressure test gauge so I can test the output. I need to establish if it’s too high before I think about a new pump or pressure regulator. Kev
  4. Thanks Pete, will let you know how I get on! Kev
  5. Thanks guys, useful info. Pete, it’s an 1147 with no plastic spacer. Not sure how I can measure the pressure output but will give it some thought. Kev
  6. Hi all, Does anyone recognise the fuel pump in the photo? It’s been on my my Mk2 Spit ever since I bought it over 20 years ago but I only realised it was non standard when I came to dismantle it to clean it recently. I’m wondering if it may be the cause of an occasional issue I have with the float chambers overflowing - today this happened first on the rear, then on the front SU. It only occurs when idling. I’ve replaced the needle valve assemblies, cleaned out the float chambers (no dirt or rubber ‘slivers’) and the fuel filter is changed regularly. Could it be the pressure fro
  7. Thanks, I think I know where I can find one. It’s saved me some unnecessary work! Cheers Kev
  8. Evening guys, although I first joined the TSSC in 1999 and browse the forum frequently, this is my first post and I’m hoping someone can help me with what is probably an easy answer. I need to replace the water pump housing on my Spitfire Mk 2 1147 engine as it has the early type with only a single tapping whereas I want to fit the later housing with 2 tappings for both the temperature transmitter and the adapter for the heater hose - I’m currently not heating the inlet manifold! The part for my Spitfire is listed as no. 144297 or 144297A for the alloy version however I have in my po
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