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  1. Graham Your instructions state that Silicone fluid is not recommended--any idea why ?
  2. Changed my pump made to difference to my tick tick tick !!!
  3. Well that's somewhat annoying given all the hardwork--at least you know the engine is now in fine fettle!!
  4. suppose a bit of "bluetack" on the end of a thin rod might possibly work???
  5. Connor, so head off, followers out---what next? new set of followers and push rods or what---I'm being selfish and thinking about when I start on mine!! cheers Bob
  6. Great, will now sort mine out as reckon it's the same problem. Be interested to see if you can, as Iain has suggested, maybe sort out without taking the head off??
  7. worth looking at this post from the TR-Register as it also suggest that the cam follower tappets may be the issue?? https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/60277-tappet-noise-or-is-it-a-cam-follower-issue/
  8. So, I've got silicone in my system, think it's great. Can I stick with it when fitting one of these servos or play safe and go back to the old corrosive stuff??
  9. Interestingly the "powertune" unit identified by Pete is not "warranted" for use with silicone brake fluid. Do you think this applies to all units ??
  10. Good question, I don't know whether new followers were used, it is original cam. Head rocker clearances are all OK and "quiet"
  11. I have exactly the same "tappets!!!! noise" gets quieter as the engine warms up, engine specialist reckons it down to incorrectly seated/yet to be properly "worn in" CAM Follower tappets, engine was rebuilt 1000miles ago makes no difference to performance, rolling road tests outperform spec
  12. Thanjs, I was thinking of front only.
  13. Thanks, by split line do you mean tandem?
  14. Thanks both, sense of smell not good enough to distinguish. Checked sump etc, so will have to bite the bullet and go through the hassle of seal replacement presume the bell housing hole and jiggle pin are there for this purpose ie to discharge the leak rather than let it build up in the housing??
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