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  1. A job I had been putting off finally needed to be done. At the start of the build I fitted a new rear inner wing section and not very successfully. I transferred the old threaded bumper iron fittings from the rotted panel to the good but on one side I hadn't drilled the hole anything like big enough and the other side I managed to weld part of the thread. I had probably walked away in disgust at this point as I hadn't drilled the floor for the lower bumper irons either (I must had replaced some of the boot floor too, forgotten that bit). So I stepped drilled the smaller hole into the right size but scratching up the first threads of the fitting then tapped very slowly both fittings and by some miracle it worked. Once I had one bumper iron in it was easy to mark the correct points and drill the holes for the lower ones. after a thoroughly good cleanup, its amazing the amount of crud a boot attracts I did a bit of painting in 2K.
  2. Custom hel braided line between master cylinder and servo fitted looks factory to me (anyway I like it)
  3. Got a trunnion rebuild kit sitting in a box waiting to go on
  4. Grabbed a couple of hours in the garage tonight. Fitted braided lines from Hel (yes I know about the bracket, waiting for a new one).
  5. Finished both sides of the front end suspension last Saturday with Spax shocks, poly bushes, tie rod ends with grease nipples, top ball joints and fancy adjustable droplinks.
  6. I have used braided on quite a few track and race bikes without an issue. Deffo doesn't balloon under pressure as they wouldn't use them extensively on race cars. Its expensive but doesn't limit the performance. The ends are 3/8 unf aren't they?
  7. Where can I get custom length braided brake hose (72cm) with the male ends to go into the brake Girling master cylinder and servo (same fitment as master cylinder) for a spitfire 1500?
  8. The passenger side hinge box is completely rotted and I have a replacement on order.... While I was poking around I found some holes in the front of the chassis that needs some attention.
  9. Bit of a frustrating day with poly bushes causing issues fitting the swingarms. I had planned to do both sides today but only managed to do most of one. I found that the drop links are dead and the track rod ends the same so they are now ordered.
  10. Thanks @Matthew unfortunately you are the other end of the country from me. I'll keep searching........
  11. Thanks @Matthew, might need a drivers side too.
  12. Anyone got a passenger side hinge box for a 1500 spitty, I dont think this is fixable.
  13. There were 2 x 2600 engines on eBay this morning, one has been bought, I think there is a 2300 on there too. I was reading about SD1's in general and it got me thinking.
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