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    I've owned a Toledo previously and I'm searching for a really nice Herald 13/60.

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  1. Really want to go , if the Dolly isn't ready by then it may have to be my raggedy old jag x350. Will do my best!!👍
  2. Ps,Pete I will be trying my best to get to Duxford,hope the"situation" doesnt change and a bunch of Triumph worshippers can congregate and pay tribute to the world of Triumph🤞
  3. Thanks for comments chaps,its finding the "right" rubber overhaul kits that's a bit of a nightmare. Not being xenophobic/racist call it what you like but the chinese dross that is everywhere now is not worth putting in the cylinders,luckily chatting to poppyman found a few sources of decent components to use or people who refurb to a high standard.Its why joining a forum is worth its weight in midget gems and other sweeties I still like.The diagrams are essential if doing it yourself cos if theres a wrong way of doing it I will find it 😳Just a matter of patience,dexterity ,knowledge and good looks!! Even one of those would be a bonus!!So things to do and decisions to make,thinking cap descends on the coconut👍Thanks,Clive Cox
  4. Hello after a frenzy of activity under the Dolly?!Very large service completed and all oils filters including diff/gearbox.How stinky is e90 that comes out of your gearbox looking like broccoli soup(I shouldn't have had a spoonful but it looked delicious)??The car has had very little use over the last 3 or 4 years and needs a few miles put under it.The clutch is making a clicking noise when I push the pedal down,any ideas on that are welcome.Done some underseal touch up and spraying of Bilt Hamber products in appropriate places.Excellent products they provide in many applications.Led bulbs for interior/boot lights and just the front side lights,what a difference they make,for a modest outlay. New brake pads for front discs,the ones I replaced were like new but had bits broken off in places,like crumbling away,not very confidence inspiring!!Just a thorough look over the car,making a list of anything that needs attention. Is replacing the brake master cylinder a difficult job?I bled the brakes thoroughly,the stuff that was in it looked like engine oil !!! Used about 3 pints of brake fluid it was that bad.Why people risk their lives like that for a bi-annual task is beyond me.Lovely and clean now but the master cylinder is weeping very slightly so is top priority job to be done pronto. Are you still awake?Any advice,tips gratefully received,I thank you,Clive Cox.
  5. Thanks Colin,you have my sympathy,it werent me,honest!!Just waiting on bits to arrive,did do fairly big shop at the club shop but delved into other retailers as well.Then lying on the carpet under the car with my mate Jack and his brother Axel Stands.Looking forward to a bit of fiddling until I get it wrong and the air turns a certain shade of blue🤭With the forums help and my workshop manual should be able to scrape by!!Meghan Markle eat your heart out👸
  6. Mobiles can be both a blessing and a curse,no problems if you know how to use em not so much when you accidentally post to someone who wasnt meant to receive it,bad karma😂Yeah plug choice can be a personal thing if you've had good experiences with a decent one,like engine oil and so on.Its always interesting to canvas peoples opinion has long as its below 10,000 replies !!
  7. Thanks for helping out there,normal singing range is back!!The car is a low mileage 6 previous owners Inca Yellow,been resprayed and has been well under sealed to preserve the underside,needs a bit off attention in the engine bay and spark plugs that are meant for a Sprint removing as it is a basic 1300 model.Ngk bp5es are the ones on NGKS plugfinder.Or of course Champion N12y's.Let the arguments begin on which is the best choice,ha ha!!Roll on the time when everybody's pride and joy can be shared with everyone again👍
  8. Have I done it?If I have,deepest thanks from all that is dear to me👍
  9. Thanks for the input gents!! I will make an attempt.I do tend to do most things off my phone.This is because my other half threatened to cut off the family jewels if I messed up the allegedly shared computer.Buying a Rottweiler to guard it is a bit extreme!!! So is it possible to do it from the dog and bone.I hope so,I dont want to be a boy soprano again😳.
  10. Wish I knew how Tony,I'll look on site for some instructions!!I'll try not to be too long😂
  11. Update on my car search which after extensive travelling and viewing some cars vastly overpriced and in some cases pretty appaling condition and asking fairytale prices too boot!!Anyway I was looking on the Car and Classic site and spotted a very fine Dolomite 1300 in Inca Yellow (no one can say I didn't see the car officer!!)So in a fairly comprehensive turn around,I saw,I liked,I bought.More room and surprisingly quiet and lovely ride comfort.Now I open the window if I want wind in my hair!!Still it's a Triumph worthy of my hard earned and has an original mileage of 40,654 miles from new and is in pretty much rust free condition,supported by thirty odd mot certificates.So Dolomite tips and advice welcome and look forward to seeing fellow Triumphites(?)at meetings when the dreaded unmentionable finally does one!!Thanks again!!
  12. Thanks to everyone who were kind enough to respond to my post!! I have a preference for a nice Valencia Blue or Wedgewood Blue but welcome any inputs for my search.Thanks for the ebay suggestions,my eyes are going square from looking at loads of available cars on numerous sites.The TSCC is obviously a go to site but mostly Vitesses and Gt6's at the moment.I know this forum is a wealth of knowledge and expertise,like Arnie I'll be back.Thanks again!!
  13. 😉Hi everyone,just a quick hello to my now fellow members!!Looking forward to the meetings when it all resumes again and sharing Triumph news and tips and of course your illustrious company.Its been a while since I owned a poo brown Toledo as my kids disrespectfully referred to it but now I'm searching for a Herald 13/60 to feed my habit again!!Not looking for a basket case but one with really good bodywork because I'm rubbish at that!!Convertible much preferred ,I'd like the wind through my hair whilst I still have some.Looking forward to making friends with fellow enthusiasts,Cheers!!
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