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    At the moment :- 1971 13/60 CV.
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    Triumph herald 13/60 convertible. Honda CR-Z sport Hyundai Amica Atlantic ...previously about 33, Started with a triang tricycle in 1955, Raleigh 3 speed, Claud Butler 5 speed, 1966 a BSA D7, Triumph tiger cub,then a T21. Then cars :- in 1967 got a 1956 Austin a35, then an Anglia 105e, 3 of them in a row. MG1100, mini cooper 997, 1964 spitfire4, '65 Vitesse 1600 convertible, another 105e rally spec 1500cc, '66 spitfire4. Got married on 1975 ... Mini clubman estate, Vauxhall chevette. 4x Austin maxi in a row(+a caravan), Renault 11 TXE, rover 214. Rover 216. Mazda MX3 V6 1800cc Fiat Punto, another MX3, a Toyota 202. Toyota 205 UK wrc and a celica 185 Carlos sainz and a a Kia pride x2. Now, the 3 listed above

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  1. Me too. Every day ! I tend to 'delete' 90% of them. So sad that their website went down, probably postage costs???
  2. Jeffds1360


    Hmmmm. ! I only paid £14.02 this time last year for 7lt and it seems a bit thin when hot but it is keeping my bottom end nice and quiet:)
  3. Jeffds1360


    What do you guys reckon on this stuff? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202896977715
  4. Jeffds1360


    Ha! Colin can now buy 2 gallons of posh oil with the free ton he is getting in NI.
  5. Richard, I definitely recommend a herald 13/60 convertible as the way forward Preferred colour being Damson.
  6. Ahh...Pete, ...my mate Mark + I missed the apostrophe of James. good scam that!
  7. ..... geordies are NOT from Durham!! We are from North of the Tyne and born within the sounds from St James!
  8. I have some jb weld, that also sets hard. Also a tube of alloy wheel repair which is malleable. I like solder though it's pretty little drops that set in the carpet and no way can you remove it without cutting the pile or burning it out. Mrs Jeff does not let me solder indoors now
  9. not a shallow dish but a little crack. I could make them a shallow dish and fill with solder ??? Hmmmm?
  10. Thanks..... I shall leave the stress crack well alone then
  11. Well, as I do not have any brazing or welding facilities, should I just put some filler in and tidy up the cracks. I'm still concerned about the little hole which has rusted through. I suppose I need to take door card off and look up and see why it is a 'trap' Anyone else had this? I'm preparing the car for sale as I need another project (Vitesse?) as this 13/60 is now sorted (apart from very minor paint/body defects!
  12. Good. What a difference a day makes or a good nights sleep! So...it is wired like my picture then?
  13. My parcel via DPD today was due to be delivered in an electric van. It was a big diesel van that arrived! Apparently the electric van had a flat battery
  14. ?... so the new horn push outer spring does not make the electrical connection to the new boss?? Maybe clean some paint off where it pushes in? Surely the boss will earth when the main fitting nut is tightened? sleep on it and let us know tomorrow how it goes.
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