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  1. When I got my 13/60 last year I found two tyres were 15 years old and two were 9 years old. I binned them straight away. A couple of hundred pounds is a pittance to pay for safety. I was shocked that tyres had not been mentioned in the last few MoTs. (Which I am continuing to have done. Every year. Even though I only do circa 500 miles per annum)
  2. Beaten to it by Pete. No spring in the carb. no worries.
  3. That would be interesting Colin. Using a 'long' 1/2 shaft might suit that car.
  4. I think we Geordies tend to drop a lot of 'haiches' so Harold becomes 'arold which is damn close to 'erold and a ladies higher pitch makes the o into an a so thereby lies the translation
  5. You will need to change the V5 to show it is now 'historic vehicle' under taxation class, before the system knows it is at zero tax rate.
  6. It is surprising how it cleans up with a bit of arm action. I have a stack of spare bits you can look at but all for the 13/60.
  7. There is another thread that I replied to a while back called ' Vitesse 1600/6 Convertable - Seat Belts' I noticed the spelling
  8. I think if it was Queen it would have to be Herelda??
  9. I've seen that in the flesh. It really shines. Pity about the chromwork though Keep in touch Mark.
  10. Thank you Patrick. All sorted a few weeks back. Constant rotation with a drop of oil, no reversing, rest to cool every couple of minutes. Worked well. Like peeling an apple Anyone need some hard top hooks making up? I enjoyed doing that.
  11. I also fitted them in my 13/60. Bit of a fiddle and had to extend the bracket forward and down a touch to clear the hood when down. I still need to 'not push the hood down hard' and check for free movement
  12. Jeffds1360


    The only time I drank grenadine (pomegranate juice) was with pernod ...beautiful drink. I was on statins for high cholesterol but after a part colon removal 2.5 years ago (cancer related but all nodes clear) I stopped smoking and reduced beer intake, lost a stone and BMI is now 25.5. I asked my GP if I still needed them, she said no so I am on NO medication at all! Mind I do Vape and have the recommended 14 pints a week......oh! Is that meant to be 14 units??
  13. If you 'threw' the carb about it has probably dislodged the float and therefore no fuel getting in. Check that first. Petrol smell? Check needle is free and the piston is sliding up and down. I'm shocked your 'mechanic' could not hear the exhaust blowing!!!
  14. Well met Mark. That is a cracking body and chassis you have. Good luck with the revised plan of the turbo mx5 engine. I will return to see the progress. PS check the rear leaf spring and shockers/trunnions!
  15. Pleased you got it off. Last time I did it, I bent that spring plate! Not realising it was so low, when I replaced it all, the spring plate chewed the advance springs Had to by a 45 complete (30 quid) as there are no advance springs available, unless you know the size for the 25. pity, the 25 is much more solid.
  16. My memory tells me it is like a bayonet fitting but just one pin, if you rotate? Clockwise? With a pull upwards, you will feel the pin into the slot and up she pops. Hope that helps.
  17. They are solidly together Johny. Centre is tight to Bush. Had to 'ease' a few of the blades out though
  18. Ahh, thank you both. The wsm and Haynes describe the washer under the bearing as 'corrugated' and that was what I thought that was. The flat u u washer must be correct then. That's good. No need to re-strip my old one then One more item for the spares box
  19. Yes Johny, would not want that flying off! Here is a picture of the corrugated washer. I guess this is meant to be under the bearing, on top of the felt washer at the drive end?
  20. Mmmmmm. Maybe?? No sign of it in my setup! My Australian parts catalogue has 7 and 8 back to front.. unless it is upside down
  21. Thanks Pete, must be in the right place then. I was thinking the whole shaft may be to far forward, what with me putting felt washers at both ends, as per the book. I'd love to know what that aluminium retaining washer at the back end looks like! The books show a triangular shape !
  22. Cheers Dave, I'm more bothered about the felt washer and end play. It just seemed odd that the PO had used the washer from the bearing as a 'grip' on the fan !! and used a weird one to replace it. Not to worry. I'll swap it back on to the car and see how it runs. Thanks for that info.
  23. Hi guys. I stripped my c40 after fitting a c40l. (thanks Roger) I found a corrugated washer between the fan and pulley. Unusual and not in the book but wth! I pulled the end bracket off and the brushes were fine, however there was no sign of the felt ring or alloy sealing disc...???. I then pulled the armature and found substantial play in the drive end ball bearing, as expected. After removing the bearing I found no corrugated washer or felt washer but there was a washer of sorts, a very flat 'w' shape.??? So......on reassembly, I fitted a felt washer under the 'w' washer, not realising the PO may have done some 'jiggling' I then found that on fitting the fan, it went past the woodruff key and span freely!!!!! That is why the corrugated washer had been put there, to grip the pulley!!! Rollocks! I just realised where the corrugated washer should have been and the bearing locating ring was too short??? or something else was amiss?? Well its all back together now. Spins freely and feels good. The rivets were a nightmare to replace. Should I strip it down again and why does the fan not locate on the woodruff key?
  24. Is it 'safe' for the dynamo to push out 17v? I hear regulators are limited to 14.5. Could something get 'fried' ?
  25. Actually Dave I just have a cheapy voltmeter plugged into a cig lighter! Not to technical As soon as she fires up and on tickover it reads 12.6. Up to 14+ with about 1200 rpm and it can go up to 16 if blipped. The new dynamo is exactly the same. The headlights do noticeably brighten as revs go from 800 to 10-1100. I've never actually studied the meter when under any load, lights on or anything but I'll do that next time I fire her up. I'll get my 'real' voltmeter out and check the accuracy and also the direct volts and amps and report back here. ATB
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