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  1. I don't know John but she is using the personal messages on here with a message saying F☆☆k me on here. Cab someone tell the Moderaters? I don't know how to. She has an attractive picture but no posts yet. Off to sleep now ATB
  2. Someone called Alina joined 24 mins ago... They messaged me with a link.... Not opened it. Half asleep BEWARE
  3. Hmmm. Velly intelestink... My seat back top goes that far rearwards it would be past the top anchor point !!?? Mind, my seat is a bit saggy Never seen that configuration before. If structurally sound, it alleviates the need for the 'angled' reels oh, P.S. that "throttle return spring" is novel !! I guess the stay bar and compression spring, at the other end of the spindle are foobared then?? If you need and pictures of my set up Colin, jus arsk
  4. 9/16 x28 unified...... or so an old post entitled "steering boss thread" from June 20 seems to say??
  5. Interesting !!! any pictures of that? Not that I have a problem with mine, just interested (when you have time... no rush )
  6. Brilliant ! Really pleased for you, well done. We will have to get biscuit and plum together some time, we can make jammy dodgers ......??
  7. not mine! I had a small rumble first, then the clankety rattle. The pully was on its way off, the fan was loose. Pity I had not thought to carry some spare nuts in the car...... surprised it happened as the washer is sprung !
  8. Woosh....what is that noise?? Squeeking rattle at engine revolution related. Gently, at low revs back home (2 miles away)........Damn dynamo nut has disappeared, making pulley and fan flop about! Washer lying on chassis rail! I have had a 'noise from that area and as the dynamo is 'new' I thought my water pump was on the way. Pleased it happened really because after replacing the nut, as all is now sweet and quiet :) Anyone got a spare 9/16 nut ( I've used my last one!) and do you know what to torque it too? Do I just gently jam the fan blades to tighten?
  9. I do not know how to respond to that Pete ??? No where in my posts was there any intent of 'pushing at him. Yes, I queried his carburetor post as it seemed to pop up as a bit out of context with the thread but I am used to drift with drift..... oh dear
  10. Now now boys. All should be sweetness and light let's chill and chat about the vagaries of Triumph My "modern" (2010 Honda CR-Z) Just passed MoT
  11. I'm not sure how Colin L s carburetor got into this post! Have I missed something?
  12. Jeffds1360


    You can still get teletext???? Loved that back in the 60s??
  13. younguns!! One apprentice mechanic thought my bonnet catches were indicators
  14. Yes Colin, remember my previous problem when I got her, a missing butterfly screw!!! That caused a few problems!!
  15. My grandson, 23 and a mechanic said......it's got a choke??? Odd init!.... OK mate, never been a big fan of full choke but I'll pull and play
  16. It was 20c Pete. I hate flooding the beastie!
  17. Is that what it was about! I missed the link/cross reference Anyone can have any of my parts. They are part pickled anyway.
  18. My mate was a Russel Donkin. I do not know why but we reversed our names and he was lesser nicknod, I was yerffej nosrednas We were only 10 !
  19. Been away for a while and left poor little Plum in the garage Told the wife I was going to start her up but said it will take at least 10 revolutions to get fuel through (still mechanical) Spun her over for 10-14 revolutions and ....... 0 (zero) .... not even a flakker Ooooo. not happy OK.... reset choke ( had used 1/4) to just a little and kept foot OFF accelerator PHEW 3 cranks and cough/splutter. crank again and off she went, was a bit rich even with 1/4 so in and blip rev blip no problem. Phew, she is majic, no problem, quick spin round block and all is well. Love this little beastie SHOULD I GET AN ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP? (save my battery a bit? )
  20. it was someone on here who told me it was Toledo when I quoted the 'box number last june/July time. I took it as gospel.... I'll see if I can find the post later on Yes, I got a good buy..... after sorting the rear roller bearing, the carb and the dizzy! Just tidying the paintwork now and I will probably look for another 'project' (need to sell the 13/60cv first though) I have 2 other cars and a non compliant wife box is a DG106119, Pete said possibly 1300 Toledo
  21. Looks like I fell on my feet with my 13/60cv that i purchase last year then! Unbeknown at the time, it has a recon. Spit mk IV engine (27k) and a Toledo overdrive gearbox I had a couple of spit4s in the early 70s and a 1600 vitesse cv too. Did not appreciate them at the time. Couldn't get in/out a spit now Maybe a vitesse next but you all seem to say they are very 'heavy'??
  22. ?? I thought you had a Vitesse Paul ??
  23. 😃 the only 4 seater, (topless) lightweight I can get in and out of. 1296cc 61 bhp.
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