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  1. Hi all, hope you’ve all managed a weekend of tinkering or driving your Triumph in the nice weather? I got what I could rebuilt while await the lower wishbone. Really must get welding on my qualifications as some mobile welders wanted a small fortune for the job! The new TRE is on along with new shock and spring. The shiny engine bay shroud is back in (although I nearly took the radiator out so as not to scratch the new paint job 😬). Upper wishbones and too ball joint in place and I’ve rebuilt the vertical link, calliper bracket, trunnion and disc shield ready for mounting. H
  2. Work continues on the car between actual work and now isolating as the lad has tested positive. Sadly this doesn’t mean more time for VB as WFH there’s not much change 🙄 However, all parts are cleaned, some are primed and some are ready to go back on the car. The second shock/spring unit is together and I’m so pleased I decided to include those in the refurb (seems silly not to have, really). sprayed the turret with some Signal Red and then noticed it’s Kia Signal red so has a rather hive shimmer to it 🤦🏼‍♂️ Still, better cleaned and painted to look Korean than not at all 😂 also got th
  3. Welding is currently beyond my skill set (and tool box) but I’ll gladly have it repaired rather than bin what can be fixed. I’ll have a local garage who can do the job, I think 😬 Thanks for tips, peeps. I’ll get it cleaned up and then find a repairer.
  4. The Nearside is stripped off the car. The TRE lock nut was far easier to remove as it was one of the first things I did so had the rest of the set up to turn against. Everything else came off nice and easy; again I can only put that done to the daily prep with WD40 before lifting a socket. getting through some bits cleaned, derusted and primed and progress is going well. however, I’ve come across an issue with the lower wishbone set up. I think this is a rhetorical question as I’m fairly confident of my next move! But, think this has seen the end of its useful life? seems there’s
  5. Nope, my fault 🤦🏼‍♂️ You clearly said bottom of the plate to the middle of the bottom bush and I ‘heard’ bottom plate to top bush. *walks off to the garage* you’ll see but to confirm neither of these are under load of the spring but the plate is as low as it can go. The newer shock has a larger bush seat diameter but the centre point is not too far off the original
  6. Here is the old nearside set off the car: curiously the measurement is 9 1/2 inches but when I rolled I noticed it looked longer: This sits at 9 3/4 inches! Both measures are from bottom of lower pan to top of top plate. And a thought hit me that I won’t be able to take a side by side picture as I’m using the same top plates 🤦🏼‍♂️ When I assemble the new set, I’ll measure again for comparison.
  7. Yep, of course. If it helps in some way for someone, always worth it. probably be over the weekend and I’ll post up here 👍🏼
  8. Offside is DONE!! The new oversize bushes arrived today from Rimmers 😃 and so I jumped into the garage this evening. With the top plate painted and dry (pic 1) I rebuilt the shock/spring assembly. (Pic 5). This had a little bit of trial and error as the first attempt showed me that once off the compressor, there’s little chance of spinning the shock so that the lower bolt hole lines up 🤦🏼‍♂️ Once sussed, in she popped. Another job while under there was the new greasable TRE and new TRE lock nut. The old nut was seized onto the rod and purely by chance I watched a chap on Twitter who
  9. Tonight’s efforts have been BRILLIANT. A real sense of achievement as the offside suspension refurb is DONE! The spring compressor did the job brilliantly (Pic 2) and now it all looks a whole lot better (and I imagine will perform much better, too 😬). Pic 1. I managed to removed a seized TRE (pic 3) lock nut while I was there, too, thanks to watching a chap on Twitter deal with exactly the same problem today! Fate was on my side tonight! Nearside starts at the weekend 😬😃
  10. And my top plate looks like your first, Colin so I’ll opt for using one above the upper bush and one below the lower. thanks Gentlemen, that’s my job for this evening sorted. Pics later 😃
  11. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at that very page over the last month or so 😂 The diagram at the link seems to suggest the wordgram I’ve listed above. (Yet Qty required stated as 6 required?? 3 on each side??). Might just leave them off, avoid the confusion 😬
  12. I note when dismantling the old set up that each bush has a cup both above and below (of course with the top plate between) so, from top to bottom, diagrammatically, in words: nut nut bush cup bush bush cup top plate bush cup bush bush cup shock New shock only had cups where bold. Should I opt for the above or only top and bottom? Conscious that the top plate has ‘cups’ as part of it. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. It is interesting, isn’t it? The stock item from Rimmers is different to the original. I get that R&D moves on and things change (hopefully for the better) but I was flummoxed by the lack of info available when buying them. But then that doesn’t take much 😊😬
  14. Current job then is the front suspension. Pic 1 is the starting point and I think most will agree, long overdue! I stuck my head into the WSM and an old Haynes for a few nights before hand and a pre job ritual for a week became each night heading out to the garage and giving each nut or screw a blast of WD40. I did this for a week before picking up a single spanner and I think paid dividends as I had no issues with getting any off. Once it was all off, the job moved onto making good. Pic 2 is all the bits stripped of rust and muck before being getting 2 coats of primer, each dry
  15. I thought I’d start one of these threads as I’ve done quite a bit on old VB in the past 12 months. I’ll start by saying I’m enthusiastic amateur (much like most in the club, I suspect) and always happy to try my hand and learn new things in the joy that is keeping our cars on the road. Except electrics. I don’t like electrics 😬 I’ll start at the current jobs, the front suspension refurb but will update slowly about the other jobs and any little bits I learned along the way. Someone may find it useful...
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