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  1. Thanks to you all for the advice
  2. Hi Badwolf Thanks for the information and the link. I couple of my straps are quite stretched, so will have to estimate the length allowing for that. Barry
  3. Hi Badwolf I want to do the webbing myself as much cheaper. A couple of questions if you don’t mind? 1 - Can you recall where you got the webbing from? 2 - How did you gauge what length to make each one allowing for stretch etc? Thanks Barry
  4. Hi What is the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘standard and Associate’ membership? Thanks Barry
  5. Many thanks for the advice Pete Hopefully raising the gearbox, will give me enough access to avoid having to disconnect the prop from the diff...
  6. Hi Colin Many thanks for the advice. It looks like I’ll be a jacking up the gearbox etc. I was planning to replace the engine mounts which are showing signs of perishing so this would seem an ideal opportunity.
  7. Hi Would really appreciate some advice..... Have disconnected the prop shaft and moved it out of the way, as much as I can. Can just with some difficulty get the socket on, but there is no way I can then get a socket wrench on! Any advice as to how to manage this would be appreciated. Would shortening the socket be viable? A previous post made reference to undoing the rear gearbox mount and engine mount bolts.....which if need be I’d like to avoid doing but it needs must! Thanks Barry
  8. Thanks Pete I saw you making reference to this site in a previous post and had already had a look. Your guidance is greatly appreciated Barry
  9. Thanks Johny and Pete I was planning to utilise the old bolts, holes a bar to hold the flange still.
  10. What size socket is the output flange nut? Having got the overdrive working on my MKIV, whilst taking it for a test drive with the gearbox tunnel still removed, revealed a leaking oil seal as described above. Thanks Barry
  11. Thanks for the advice Pete.....just need to source a thin 1inch spanner....
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