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  1. So my cover has arrived today. Did you have to do any mods to the existing dash top to get all the cut outs to line up perfectly
  2. Hi all I am refurbing my front suspension. I have the front trunnion rebuild kit which has come with the rubber seals. The car did not have them before so I am unsure as to how far I wind the trunnion up.
  3. Hope it wasn’t anything to serious
  4. Cheers Clive, just looked on their website but there aren’t any pictures. I don’t suppose you took any before and after ones at all?
  5. Cheers Clive, where did you buy it from?
  6. Do you have to fill in gaps in the foam? Or does it just place over?
  7. Hi all, Is there anywhere that sells a new foam for the dash top at all?
  8. Is Mick Dolphin a member? I have tried spitbitz they didn’t have any and have emailed graveyard.
  9. Ahh okay, I’ll try that on Monday. If you come across some spares I’ll happily purchase them off you 🙂
  10. I’ll send an e-mail. Never heard of the company before.
  11. Hi there, i am looking for x2 water/dust shields for the front axles of my triumph spitfire. I have tried all the usual places but they are no longer manufactured. Does anybody have 2 they are willing to sell?
  12. Hi the indicators work fine with the side lights one. I’ll have a look where you said and do some continuity checks on the wiring
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