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  1. In Mathewson's November auction there is a Dolomite, Lot 132. What's your opinion?
  2. Is it just me or is this show expensive?
  3. Thanks for that, I did wonder if it was like that but wanted to check. I'll go and carry on.
  4. Does anyone know how tight the cooling fan to crankshaft bolts should be please?
  5. Thank you very much mate.
  6. Paul Amey

    Engine number

    Can anyone confirm an engine number please . Is this a mk1 Vitesse engine HC3762E Having done some checking up I think it is a mk1 . HC50001 onwards is a mk2.
  7. How did you get the clearance if you moved the rack back again?
  8. I'm still deciding what to do regarding the system. Does anyone have a standard exhaust manifold , in good condition, clean with not much rust and very good down pipe studs?
  9. It was indeed that very car I saw on Sunday just gone. About a month ago there was a black and white one racing at the Historic Sports Car meeting as well. It performed badly.
  10. Does anyone have an recommendations for repairing and refurbishing a Vitesse radiator please
  11. I had a look at a racing Vitesse at Mallory today. It had what looked like two three branch manifold's into two pipes . It seemed to fit ok. Don't know if the rack had been moved. But surely moving the rack to allow clearance for the steering column will cause other issues?
  12. I do yes. But surely you can have a Herald as well!
  13. ok, thank you. I saw one in the classified section and thought 'oh do I need one of those?'
  14. Paul Amey

    Herald 13/60

    What does 13/60 refer to in relation to a Herald? I was at a classic night recently and this guy sort of turned his nose up and said 'Oh, it's a 13/60' when looking at a Herald.
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