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  1. Decided at long last to replace the hood on my Vitesse. So in preparation for Don Hoods I have removed the old one and realised that the header rail was quite corroded. On one side the bracket to the frame which should be attached to the header was completely disconnected due to rust. I have been able to obtain a good replacement header but when I offer it to the frame the angle of the brackets are pointing down making it impossible for the two be connected. I've checked it with the old one and found a similar problem. This may be hard to visualize but if I fit the header to the top of the windscreen and lock it in place the brackets are pointing down at quite an angle below the quarter light. If I try to level the brackets I have to unlock the catches, then the header doesn't fit snuggly to the windscreen. I am missing something???? Also the frame around the door window leaves a reasonable and even gap at the top but over an inch at the side. I've looked for some way to make some adjustments but can't see any obvious ways. Is there any science to this problem. I can't find any information about its adjustment other than simple changes detailed in the workshop manual, nothing that really helps.
  2. Hi Paul, just read your query regarding using a MX5 gearbox to a Vitesse. I have been in touch with Vitesse Global based in Hinckley, they have already fitted MX5 gearboxes to MGB's and various TR's but not yet in a Vitesse. However they are now finalising all of the components to make this happen, including new clutch, new prop shaft etc. I have visited their Unit and am very impressed with their set up and awaiting a call to arrange my gearbox to be replaced. If you require more details contact me direct. Roger
  3. That's very helpful, many thanks Roger
  4. Very impressed, keeping the existing switch was important and looks great. Would you mind letting me know the reference for the Lucas electric switch and pump. Many thanks Roger
  5. Hi Adrian, that's a coincidence, I've been looking on this website myself and was wondering if any of these pre-built fuse/relay boxes are the forward. That's Roger
  6. I'm new to all of this so I apologies if this topic has been raised before. My 1971 Mk2 vitesse has never been rewired and I can see a number of modifications undertaken over the years. In the winter I will be removed the dash and all of its accessories so that it can be re-varnished, it seems a good time to renew the cabins wiring. I am considering installing all relays on the electrical equipment in the cabin therefore installing a new relay/fuse box. Has anyone already done this, do you recommend it, are there any downsides in doing it. I would appreciate any comments. Roger
  7. Hi Pete, thanks for your speedy reply, having no knowledge of Photoshop do you think I will pick it up fairly easily. I'm pretty good on computers and thinking of sharing the software with a friend who also wants to produce similar diagrams. Roger
  8. Hi Pete, I'm just catching up on previous topic and think your wiring diagram is great, I'd love to do one for my vitesse particularly because I'm going to rewire and upgrade the fusing. How can I access this software to do my modifications. Appreciate any help. Roger
  9. Mark, which one is it? The one with or without the diagonal. Are you suggesting that's it's for sale? Regards Roger
  10. Clive many thanks for your comments, may know some of your questions but I'll have a go. I don't know the type of springs fitted but the fitted length is between 7 1/2" to 7 3 /4" . I can't turn the screw on the dampers one way or the other (pretty rusty). Now been able to speak to Spax, they've asked me for a number off the damper but haven't found it yet. They were surprised that they are fitted to Vitesse mk2, they haven't recommended them for the rears. Interesting, they said any adjustment to these dampers will not adjust the body height?? Reckon they are over 10 years old. Regards Roger
  11. So to summerize, if I fit standard springs on the front with either type of damper, adjustable or standard then this improves the height and the damper controls the firmness?? How do I get the rear to the same height, just new dampers??? Roger
  12. Spax are fitted at the front and rear. Roger
  13. New to the club having recently added a Vitesse MK2 to the family. The suspension is set really low resulting in the front tyres rubbing the body work on tight lock. The suspension is far too stiff. A friend suggested I simply new to adjusted the damper on the screw near the bottom of the unit. Well, it's pretty close to the surrounding steering and brake assembly making it difficult to get the smallest of screwdrivers to it and I only managed to turn it one rotation. Is there a knack to these things? Do I really need adjustable dampers? I will only use the car for normal driving conditions. Any help, comments would be appreciated. Regards Roger
  14. Hi Roger, this looks very promising but the style posted by Steve B looks better, does yours require the cross members that seem bolted in? Regards Roger
  15. Could I thank everyone for their responses, this is obviously a difficult decision to make. I already have an estimate for the existing gearbox repair that includes a high cost of removal and replacement but as I said no guarantee. Vitesse Global are keen to make the MX5 gearbox work, they already have a suitable bell housing from the TR6 but want to be sure there's no major work on the chassis. I appreciate it's cost is high but includes new clutch, propshaft and gear stick. Not too sure if I should broadcast it but will do all of the fitting free because it will their first. Welcome any further advise, I'm sure Vitesse Global would also appreciate comments, I have given them Dave Rumens contact details. Regards Roger
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