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  1. Hi Pete I've just tried them and it's a no. Thanks for the suggestion as I'd forgot about them. Matthew
  2. Hi I'm looking for a Spitfire Mk3 dash top panel. My car is missing it completely so I am looking for one with the metal insert for attachment to the car rather than the plastic overlays that are available. I’m not too worried about the condition of the vinyl or foam bit as I intend recovering it to match the car anyway. Thanks
  3. Interesting... will consider that one in future.
  4. I'll give it a go. I had read that one then completely forgot so went with the piece of wood. It was a very tight fit to get it in that far, thus the raggedy edges.
  5. Good news! I've finally got the plug out. It took a lot of chiseling (and a now broken chisel) but it started to give at the bottom which forced the top to come loose. It was then easy the remove. New one now in place but haven't had chance to check the seal as I've got to put the radiator back in first. Will be one for the weekend I think. Thank-you everyone for your advice.
  6. Yeah the car was part restored by the previous, previous owner and then most recently stored in a gazebo I think. Only had a brief look at it today. Getting behind it is ok, but I can’t get anything in a position to put force behind it because of the bulkhead
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll let you know it goes
  8. Yeah I've scraped the rust away. There is barely a centre left to the plug now given that fell apart but the outer rim is still in place. I'll have another try with it tomorrow and hopefully it will move. Would heating what remains make any difference?
  9. So I've tried a pry bar and chisel and all I've got is a bigger hole but the outer ring still won't budge. I can feel the block behind it so I'm a bit warey of sticking anything further behind the plug to remove it. I'm reluctant to have to take the head off at this time but it is starting to look like the only option. I did want to carefully try a mini hacksaw but it is too long to get it in and maneuvered.
  10. Thank you all for the advice. It’s still not playing but I’ll give it another try tomorrow
  11. Thanks. I’ll try the hub cap remover idea tomorrow. It’s a bit awkward to get the socket and hammer in given what is around it but I’ll try a few positions and see if that works if the first option doesn’t.
  12. Hi everyone Wasn’t sure whether this would be one for the engine or cooling system section as it could be argued for both, but I’ve got a hole in one of the core plugs on my Mk3 Spitfire which I’m trying to replace. The engine is in-situ and it is the larger core plug at the bulkhead end of the block. I’ve tried the self-tapping screw and screwdriver through the centre options and neither will shift it and I’ve ended up with a larger hole (it was originally about 3mm) Aside if removing the engine for easier access, does anyone have any tips that may help? I’ve attached a photo of the plug and the hole is just under 1cm in dIameter. Thank-you in advance
  13. Thank-you everyone for the help with the filter box and sorry for slow replies - the slots are in the top in the same way as the image from PeterH, so I'm more confident it is right now. Now idea about the needles in the carbs, but I was planning on overhauling them anyway, so will add new needles when I get round to it.
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