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  1. I just put a hidden Bluetooth amplifier in the boot of my spitfire. Kept the old stereo that doesn’t work well as a nod to the pre Bluetooth days of old. Works a treat streaming music from a phone.
  2. Pretty sure the originals are 40mm long overall. I am in process of swapping over to 12mm Freelander studs and have just knocked a few of the old ones out.
  3. Have heard a lot of good stuff about them in the past.
  4. Will have to check that, it was getting pretty cold so wheels on, quick picture and back in the garage for now. got a couple more jobs on the front to do, want to rebuild the front brake callipers for piece of mind as much as anything else. The car has really not done many miles at all over the last five years.
  5. Not really a restoration project as ongoing maintenance and tinkering. Bought my 1500 Spitfire at the end of the summer and its not a bad car at all from what I can see but hasn't been driven much over the last years/ Looking forwards to changing that in 2021 but springtime feels a long way off yet. As bought. I wanted to lower the car, I felt like the rear was sitting a fair bit higher than the front so a 3/4" lowering block was fitted. In reality perhaps the front was lower than it should have been, the coils looked pretty tight and the compressed height meas
  6. I like this, a variation of the tube and jam jar... but less agro than asking my wife to pump the pedal https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/europat-vizibleed-brake-and-clutch-bleeding-kit-321141.html?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=adgoal_eu&utm_campaign=phgreferral
  7. Hi Roger It sounds like the offset on yours is different to mine so wouldn’t match. Thanks for getting back to me and good luck getting the wheels you want. Kind regards Iab
  8. Hi Roger I am looking for a set of 5.5 x 13 wheels for my Spit 1500, are they something you would consider selling? I appreciate you were looking for a swap potentially against some 5" wheels. Kind regards Ian
  9. I am looking for 3 or 4 steel wheels 5.5j to make up a set for my Spitfire. The one I have is stamped 5.5 x 13 x 16 so they need to be 16mm offset. If you have one tucked away that's not needed or know where there may be one then please let me know. Thanks in anticipation. Thanks Ian
  10. Those new wheels look pretty decent, nice to see something other than minilights!
  11. Exactly, if you want top dollar then its got to be absolutley bang on and who knows what shortcuts or gremlins are under the skin.
  12. If I was paying that much for a GT6 I think I would want it to be finished! Things like the centre of the steering wheel boss missing is pretty poor... and overspray on the door seal are a couple of things that you would not think to see at that price point.
  13. I dont think Mohair will be on the Christmas list that would cost me double... new hood and an expectation of enhanced christmas presents from Mrs Radiation!
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