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  1. thanks, Pete, Chris, and Colin. I traded msgs with Demisterman.co.uk. When I showed them my matrix sketch and dimensions, they replied that one of the matrix dimensions on their website is incorrect, and that the center distance of the tubes is a little more narrow than stock. Otherwise it would fit, and "others haven't complained", as we are often told. I chose to have a local radiator shop repair my old original heater matrix. They took off the plain end cap, rodded the tubes, flushed well resoldered the end cap, straightened the fins and reformed a distorted tube bead. I did a little pressure check in the sink with a ball pump. It seems like the leak is fixed. I am still unsure about getting a reliable seal between the valve, plain pipe and bracket. The existing seal appears to have been made by a triangular cross section rubber "O" ring and a paper dished washer. Do you suppose an ordinary "O" ring was distorted under the clamping force to form the triangular cross section? I am thinking that a rather softer durometer will allow the required distortion to for the seal. McMaster-Carr shows soft silicone high temp "O" rings, and water, steam and ethylene glycol resistant "O" rings. I need to make a wise choice of dimensions. Does anyone have a record of their successful choice here? thanks.
  2. My 1966 Herald Smith's heater matrix has sprung a leak and drained down onto the carpet and floor making a mess. I took the heater apart, flushed it out expelling lots of brown rusty water, (not green coolant in the rest of the engine). The heater or demister had not been effective in the car, presumably because it was plugged with rusty debris. The usual Herald parts suppliers do not list the heater matrix as available. Other sources like Demisterman.co.uk, and motoradsonline.co.uk list replacement parts. Have club members had good experiences with these suppliers? There are ancillary bits required as well for replacement. What is the gasket between the heater valve and matrix?
  3. very good. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  4. I have a 1979 USA Spitfire single Stromberg engine. The steel heater pipe that passes through the aluminum inlet manifold is perforated. I know there are places in the UK (TSSC, Rimmers) that will remove the rusty steel pipe and replace it with a new stainless steel pipe. The European heater pipe configuration is different from the USA version that I have. I attached a pic with indication of heater pipe and leak in yellow. Are there any recommendations for where to have this done in the USA? thanks
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