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  1. Thanks All, I await your message Scrapman 🙂 Cheers Mike
  2. Thanks, as long as they can be brought back to life with a seal kit, I’m very interested, can you drop me a text to 07801 239050 to let me kNow what you want for them? cheers Mike
  3. Thanks Adrian, I appreciate the offer. I’ll be back to you if I haven’t located some in the UK within a month or two. I note your refurbishable point.....
  4. Understood, thanks Pete.
  5. Hi, I’m after a pair of Vitesse 6 Type 12 calipers, must be in working or refurbishable condition. Cheers Mike
  6. Brilliant detailed answer, this forum is excellent, thanks!
  7. What is the difference between type 12 and type 14 calipers? I need to replace the calipers on my Vitesse 6, which should be type 12, but have been offered a set of type 14 FOC, will they fit?
  8. I’m looking for a camber compensator for a 1963 Vitesse 6. If someone has one in the garage or even just the blade, I can fabricate the rest. Any condition. Cheers Mike
  9. Hiwex

    Cowl transfers

    Cheers, but mine has 3 lights, I was looking for the picture on the Rimmers website to add to this post and found the RHD one, it’s just called something else. Panic over.
  10. Thanks all, found and bought a 6-3-1, very excited!
  11. Hiwex

    Cowl transfers

    Hi, my steering column is in need a prep and respray. I have the lovely transfers for the indicator and lights that I’ll need to replace. I’ve found that James Paddock and Rimmer have the indicator one for RHD, but only Rimmer has the lights one for LHD. Anyone know where I might get a pair for RHD?
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the advice
  13. I’ll take all advice irrespective of whether coffee is involved or needed...... Thanks all, I’m now clear on what I can do. Mike
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