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  1. I have recently had a set of visor brackets made for my spitfire 4 - I got them 3D printed in a suitably strong nylon type material and with 7mm steel arms. They are identical in size, shape etc as the originals as I had an original set scanned. I was wondering if there would be any interest if I got a batch made up given how rare and expensive the originals are?
  2. Thanks Colin, I will order a set, appreciate the update
  3. ThanK you both for the information on seat belts that is really helpful. My seats are the early spring base type with metal coil springs not foams and as far as I am aware they are not made or supplied any more by anyone plus the cover is deeper than the later mk1 seats I am told. I may need to consider trying to source some later seats to referb but that in itself is not going to be easy !
  4. Thanks for the responses. My screen surround was fitted with rubber blanking grommets so assume the car didn’t have sun visors, it was just a thought as yes had seen the ones on eBay but they will no doubt go for silly money. I wonder if anyone will remanufacture them although I have seen some 3D printed ones on a company website so may look into those. As for seat belts, was thinking more about new repro ones than second hand belts but not sure where is a good source as my last mk1 had a set fitted already and this car has the mounting points on the tunnel. I think the seats are the biggest issue as I have the early sprung base type which are not really reusable so am looking into what can be done about them - if anyone has any ideas let me know !
  5. Thank you, I have only recently rejoined the TSSC having returned to Triumphs from a short stint of German classic car ownership, just looking at the forum topics , excellent read and so much knowledge and experience.
  6. I am restoring a 1963 car I bought in bits so am missing various bits if anyone can help. Amongst other things I am looking for mk1 seat bases, static seatbelts and sun visor brackets plus some interior trim bits but realise I may not have much of a chance. If you have any bits for an early spit you Want to sell please let me know. thanks Hugh
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